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Open Group announces real-time POSIX test suite

Jul 28, 2000 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 2 views

Menlo Park, CA — (press release) — The Open Group, a vendor and technology-neutral consortium dedicated to enterprise integration, announced today availability of two new test suites for POSIX Realtime. These test suites are the first deliverables in support of the Open Group's new Real-time and Embedded Systems Forum which is establishing a test and certification for real-time and embedded systems.

Test coverage includes the first industry standard tests for IEEE Standards POSIX 1003.1d-1999 (Additional Realtime extensions) and POSIX 1003.1j-2000 (Advanced Realtime extensions).

“These are the first test suites developed as a result of our partnership with the US Department of Defense, Open Systems Joint Task Force”, said Andrew Josey, Director of Server Platforms at The Open Group. “The tests are designed for use as an integral part of development organizations'quality assurance and regression test cycle, the new test suites offer ease of use features which can lead to significant cost savings in problem detection during the development cycle.”

Features include:

  • a common harness (VSXgen) for the tests, allowing a common look and feel to the test suites
  • the ability to run the test suites stand alone, as well as integrate them into a meta test suite with other testsets for other POSIX standards
  • use of the standard Test Environment Toolkit permits flexibility and extensibility of test execution the inclusion of multiple test modes for different standards
The combination of these new suites together with other test suites from The Open Group provide the most complete Conformance Test Suite family for the POSIX standards in the industry.

For information on licensing the new suites (VSART and VSRTE), which are available to license separately or included as part of the membership entitlement of the Real-time and Embedded Systems Forum, please contact [email protected].

About The Real-time and Embedded Systems Forum

The mission of the Real-time and Embedded Systems Forum is to accelerate the growth of the marketplace for standardized real-time and embedded systems by coordinating between suppliers, practitioners and existing industry standard groups and developing and delivering test and certification programs.
More information on these test suites and the Real-time and Embedded Systems Forum can be found at

About POSIX 1003.1d and 1003.1j

These IEEE Standards introduce the following new and enhanced services and functionality: spawn a process, timeouts for some blocking services, sporadic server scheduling, new execution time clocks and timers, advisory information for file management, memory management, and new synchronization primitives.

About The Open Group (

The Open Group, a vendor and technology-neutral consortium, is committed to delivering greater business efficiency by bringing together buyers and suppliers of information systems to lower the cost and risks associated with integrating new technology across the enterprise. The Open Group's mission is to deliver assurance of conformance to Open Standards through the testing and certification of suppliers' products.

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