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Phil Wilshire, Dan Eastham join Zentropix

Apr 25, 2000 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 1 views

Herndon, VA — (press release) — Zentropix today named Phil Wilshire as Chief Technologist – Applications Engineering and Dan Eastham as Chief Technologist – Development Engineering. Zentropix, recently acquired by Lineo, Inc., develops Zentropix RealTime Linux.

Wilshire and Eastham each bring to Zentropix over 25 years of experience in embedded tool development, real-time computing, industrial control systems and telecommunications.

“The addition of Phil and Dan to our team now allows us to more aggressively pursue the development tool and applications paths, as well as the very low level real-time services that we have been contributing to the open source community for the last two years,” said Jim Norton, CEO of Zentropix said. “We look forward to utilizing their expertise to broaden the scope of our real-time Linux features, tools and services.”

Wilshire will be responsible for product evaluation and testing, and industrial applications development. He will also continue in his role as real-time Linux spokesman by discussing the advantages of embedded and realtime Linux at trade shows and conferences. He will continue as chair of the steering committee.

Eastham will be responsible to grow the company's software development staff working on both open-source projects and proprietary product developments.

About Phil Wilshire

Wilshire is an ardent advocate and evangelist for the Open Source Movement since its early days. He brings over 25 years of experience in embedded industrial control systems. His past projects include: Multi Axis Robot Controllers, Distributed Digital Control systems, and both Military and Commercial-Remotely Piloted Vehicles.

For the past 11 years, Wilshire worked for Kaiser Aluminum, where one of his many responsibilities was the system design for a high performance Rolling Mill Control System utilizing real-time Linux.

“I am delighted to join Zentropix and Lineo,”Wilshire said. “An important factor in my decision to join the company was Zentropix's total commitment to the Open Source community by continuing to provide real-time enhancements and real-time development tools as they have for the last two years.”

About Dan Eastham

Eastham also brings to Zentropix more than 25 years of experience in embedded systems and software tools development. In the early 1980's he solely developed a complete programmers workbench consisting of a macro assembler, Pascal compiler, symbolic debugger, relocating linker, and full screen text editor. Previously, he developed an object-oriented real-time system while working with Netrix Corporation, where he also developed solutions for X25 packet switching, frame relay, networking and device drivers.

While at MA/Com-DCC he was the system architect for the RAPAC local digital distribution system, and during his tenure at GTE-Telenet he headed the group design and implementation/development for their then-next operating system. He also developed X3.28 drivers among other projects.

About Zentropix

Zentropix, with offices in the US and UK is a primary contributor to the Real Time Application Interface for Linux and is currently offering its third version of the RealTime Linux installation CD, with the fourth, distribution agnostic version scheduled to appear in the near future. Recently, Zentropix was acquired by Lineo of Lindon, Utah. Lineo, a leading developer of embedded Linux system software has offices in Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Taiwan, the UK and the US.

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