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Protectix, LynuxWorks develop secure embedded Linux

Apr 24, 2000 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 1 views

Sunnyvale, CA — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Protectix, Inc. and LynuxWorks today announced a joint development agreement for an embedded Linux operating system (OS) specifically for network security. The OS, to be known as Protectix' ApplianceOS will be developed in parallel with LynuxWorks' BlueCat Linux to generate a secure embedded operating system for non-real time environments.

Under the agreement, Protectix will take advantage of LynuxWorks experience in OS development to strengthen ApplianceOS its Linux-based, open-source Internet security OS. In turn, LynuxWorks will be able to integrate and redistribute Protectix security features in BlueCat, including Protectix' strict review of code and integration of Open Source firewall, virtual private networking applications and technology enabling secure remote updates of the operating system. Protectix will use the BlueCat development tools in the process to retain the flexibility of BlueCat Linux but streamlining it for a select set of security applications.

“Security for many proprietary software vendors often means preventing disclosure of security weaknesses, but obscuring source code is not an effective defense,” stated Mark Willey, co-founder and CTO of Protectix. “Companies can't trust security vendors that hide details on operation-crippling security exploits and fail to update their product. Open Source is a customer requirement. ApplianceOS and Blue Cat Linux are secure by design.”

The proven efficiency of opening code and wide distribution have contributed to some of the most secure methods of safeguarding and transmitting data over networks and the Internet itself. The source codes of widely used encryption algorithms are accessible by third parties. Even with large farms of computers, computer crackers can't defeat these algorithms because
they are secure by design, not by obscurity.

“By attacking the issue of network security, this partnership tears down a significant part of the wall that bars widespread adoption of Linux into the broad embedded community,” said Inder Singh, chairman and CEO for LynuxWorks. “The innovation Protectix brings to this arena, combined with LynuxWorks twelve years of experience with embedded operating systems, standards and quality testing procedures, will generate what will be the most stable and secure embedded operating system for non-real time environments in the industry.”

Protectix will redistribute its OS development efforts over the web in the near future via the URL BlueCat is part of LynuxWorks' product family, which also includes LynxOS real-time operating system and development tools.

About Protectix (

Protectix, Inc., based in Sunnyvale, California, was founded in 1999 to address the emerging security needs of internet-connected businesses. Protectix aims to become the leading provider of Open Source / Free Software based security solutions through the development, contribution and distribution of this software. Much like Red Hat has done for operating systems market, Protectix delivers Open Source network security, freely distributing all source code used in Protectix products and solutions. Competitors include proprietary vendors such as Cisco, Lucent, Nokia, Network Associates, and Checkpoint. For further information and to learn why Open Source is a superior security solution, please visit the Protectix website.

About LynuxWorks, Inc. (

LynuxWorks (formerly called Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc.) is a leader in embedded Linux and a pre-eminent developer and supplier of operating system software for reliable and high-performance embedded applications. LynuxWorks products support industry standards in communications, avionics, automotive, office automation and process control systems worldwide, enabling customers to leverage their investments in software and education. Those LynuxWorks offerings include: the LynuxWorks Architecture that supports both the open source BlueCat Linux OS and LynxOS, the scalable, real-time operating system; software frameworks for high-availability systems; development tools and technical support worldwide.

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