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RealTime Linux Announced for Megatel SBCs

Sep 27, 1999 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 1 views

San Jose, CA — Megatel Computer Corporation and Zentropic Computing, LLC today announced a partnership to develop and support a small-footprint RealTime Operating System, optimized for Megatel's 104 family of products. This configuration, based on the Linux 2.2 kernel, the Real-Time Application Interface (RTAI), and Red Hat Linux, will give embedded developers a solid hardware and software platform on… which space constrained Linux applications can be quickly deployed.

The Zentropic/Megatel Linux 2.2 release will include multiple installation options including: a small-footprint, real-time installation –designed to run on all Megatel PC/104 products in less than 2MB and supporting on-board VGA/LCD, Ethernet, SCSI, and M-Systems Disk-on-Chip; a mid-sized installation which will include all features of the small-footprint version but with the addition of such traditional services as Apache, sendmail, telnet, etc.; and a large, real-time desktop installation which will be configured as the end-user's development platform.

“Realtime Linux on embedded PC's is a perfect match for application where high stability and low cost are paramount. However, with the fast pace of change in the Linux landscape the key to success is support. We feel that Zentropic's understands Linux as it relates to the real-time embedded world better than anyone, and they have a support model that proves it.” States Kurt Tugman, Sales Manager for Megatel.

About RealTime Linux (

RealTime Linux is an extension of the standard Linux operating system. It provides a simple and streamlined real-time executive which runs the standard Linux kernel as its lowest-priority task, while allowing the insertion of user-defined, higher-priority (i.e. real- time) tasks. Thus, the standard kernel is made fully preemptible. This architecture enables real-time functions to operate in a predictable and low-latency environment, while still allowing full access to the sophisticated services and features of standard Linux.

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