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RTLinux-GPL learns to share Linux TCP/IP stack

Oct 28, 2004 — by Henry Kingman — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

A new open source project aims to enable RTLinux-GPL threads to use the normal Linux TCP/IP stack. The OCERA network daemon (onetd) project is part of OCERA, (Open Components for Embedded Real-Time Applications), a European Union-funded project to enhance Linux with real-time capabilities.

According to onetd project leader Pierre Morel, access to the Linux TCP/IP stack allows real-time threads to use existing Linux network drivers in parallel with Linux applications. Thus, Ethernet, wireless, and RTLinux-GPL threads can all use iptables and other TCP/IP facilities for firewalling, packet mangling, and translating network addresses, Morel says.

The OCERA project began in April of 2002, with funding through April 2005. It has produced components such as:

  • ORTE, an RTSP protocol implementation
  • CBS and IRIS schedulers for Linux
  • CAN drivers
  • POSIX interfaces and enhancements for RTLinux-GPL
  • RTL-GNAT libraries and Ada compiler for running Ada programs as modules in Linux, scheduled by RTLinux-GPL.

“The part I submitted, Ocera Network Daemon, is a new development within the OCERA project to provide network access from and to RTLinux-GPL threads,” explains developer Pierre Morel.

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