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Tiny “DSP Stamp” runs uClinux on a DSP

Oct 22, 2004 — by Henry Kingman — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

[Updated 1 P.M.] — Cambridge Signal Processing (CSP) is shipping a 1-inch-square module based on a digital signal processor (DSP) that runs uClinux natively. The DSP Stamp comes preinstalled with a serial bootloader and uClinux, and a development board is also available. A Bluetooth camera reference design will ship Q4.

Analog Device's (ADI's) BlackFin processor, on which the module is based, was one of the first DSPs, if not the first, to run Linux. ADI launched a developer portal in February to support Blackfin uClinux.

The DSP Stamp

The DSP Stamp targets applications that include video capture, image analysis and computer vision, robotics, software defined radio, audio processing, MPEG/WMV video compression and decompression, digital cameras, network cameras, webcams, and industrial control, CSP says.

CSP lists DSP Stamp features and specs as follows:

  • 31 x 31mm, just over 1 inch square
  • 600MHz 1.2GMAC/s Blackfin BF533 processor
  • 32MB SDRAM
  • 1MB SPI Flash
  • 25MHz oscillator
  • 32.768Khz crystal for Blackfin RTC
  • Adjustable DSP core voltage circuitry
  • Advanced low EMI, controlled impedance design

Additionally, variations on the standard configuration are available with up to 64MB of RAM and up to 4MB of Flash. Alternative oscillator frequencies may also be available.

DSP Stamp block diagram
(Click to enlarge)

The DSP Stamp interfaces through 120 standard 1.27mm pitch pins, which can be directly soldered or attached via hole or surfae mount connectors, CSP says.

Development Board

CSP also offers a small DSP Stamp Development board. The 3.9 x 3.2 inch (100mm x 80mm) board provides a number of external interfaces.

The development board's I/O interfaces include:

  • DSP Stamp expansion connector
  • Type 2 EZ-KIT U connector
  • 1Mbit capable RS-232
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • SPI port expander with switches and LEDs
  • JTAG
  • cables and software
  • Orcad format schematics, PADS PowerPCB format layout, and gerber information for building custom boards.

Along with a pre-installed serial bootloader and uClinux, the development kit is supplied with GNU tools. The kit can alternatively be used with VisualDSP from Analog Devices or the Green Hills development enviroment.

Bluetooth camera development platform

CSP says it is readying a bluetooth camera development platform based on the DSP Stamp, integrated with a 1.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor, bluetooth module, USB interface, and “various peripheral I/O.” The design will support battery and USB power. It will include a software stack and sample applications for a range of modes, such as USB webcam, Bluetooth DSC, Bluetooth streaming camera, Motion tracking for robotics, and more.


The DSP Stamp is shipping and can be ordered direct, priced from 150 to 60 GBP, depending on quantity. Single units are available.

The development board is also available direct, priced at 400 GBP for one or 350 GBP each for five or more.

The Bluetooth camera reference design will ship in Q4, 2005, CSP says.

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