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Why Microsoft is attacking Embedded Linux

Dec 21, 2001 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views founder Rick Lehrbaum offers his perspective on why Microsoft has begun to publicly attack Embedded Linux. Lehrbaum writes . . .

“Monopolist Microsoft has been up to its old tricks of late, publishing a lengthy and one-sided 'comparison' of their newly introduced Windows XP Embedded with Embedded Linux. The document, entitled Why Microsoft Windows XP Embedded and Not Embedded Linux, compares XP Embedded to Embedded Linux in eight different ways — asserting, as you might expect, that XP is superior in every possible way.”

“After learning of the Microsoft anti Embedded Linux document, issued a 'call to action', . . . urging the Embedded Linux community to respond en masse to Microsoft's attack.”

“The Embedded Linux community quickly rose to the challenge, responding with sharply worded talkbacks, as well as in the form of lengthy, detailed, and sometimes entertaining rebuttals from Lineo and from LynuxWorks.”

“As the dust begins to settle, it's interesting to consider this question: Why has Microsoft's Embedded group aimed their big guns at Embedded Linux at this time?”

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