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Zentropix Releases Real-Time Linux Installation CD

Jul 1, 1999 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 3 views

Zentropic Computing, LLC (Zentropix) has released its new Real-Time Linux installation and development tools CD for Intel® microprocessor architectures. This is the first comprehensive version of RTLinux software, tools and documentation from a single source, as the CD also includes the first tool of Zentropix' RTLinux Developer's Toolbox: the R2D2 in-the-kernel debugger. R2D2 allows the application developer to both read and write variables within the kernel as the application continues to run. This is a unique tool for the Linux world in that it provides symbolic run-time access to variables in both user and kernel module space, including real-time modules.

This is Zentropix' second commercial release. The CD combines the cost-effectiveness, openness, and flexibility of Linux with the reliability and deterministic real-time response attributes demanded by embedded systems and simulation applications. This new release differentiates Zentropix RTLinux as more than just a standard Linux distribution with a pre-compiled Real-Time kernel. This distribution now provides RTLinux specific documentation, sample applications, additional GNU tools for software development and a Zentropix run-time debugger.

Although the Zentropix RTLinux installation CD is hardware-vendor neutral, as it should be, it forms a foundation from which custom, vendor- or hardware-specific tools, kernels and installations are produced. Each release provides a qualified version of RTLinux, fully patched and tested for reliability.

Cyrille Comar of ACT-Europe noted, “Zentropix' new in-the-kernel debugger has provided us with a tool with which we can easily continue development of the GNAT Real-Time Ada solution for Linux.”

About Zentropix (

Born from the military simulation industry, where real-time computing is critical, Zentropix was founded in August, 1997, and has offices in the US and UK. By providing a validated and configuration-managed version of RealTime Linux combined with tools, support, custom engineering, and training, Zentropix meets the needs of software developers and corporations, who are now developing embedded and real-time applications.

Zentropic Computing, LLC
441-B Carlisle Dr.
Herndon, VA 20170
(703) 471-6690
[email protected]

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