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Archive for August, 1999

DiskOnChip2000 Open Source Linux Driver in Alpha Test

August 20, 1999

The M-Systems Disk-On-Chip2000 (DOC2000) will soon be completely supported by an open source driver of the Linux Memory Technology Device subsystem. The open source DOC2000 driver is being developed based on specifications and sample hardware provided by M-Systems. At this time, an alpha version of a writable driver for the DiskOnChip 2000 and NFTL filesystem can be downloaded for testing. (more…)

Ziatech Intro’s LinuxPCI Development System for Applied Computing

August 10, 1999

LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, San Jose Convention Center — Ziatech Corporation, a leading innovator of applied computing solutions for telecom and Internet applications, introduced today the first in a series of LinuxPCI development systems, a rack mount CompactPCI (CPCI) development platform using the Linux operating system. (more…)

RTLinux on PPC Comes to VME and CPCI

August 10, 1999

SAN DIEGO, CA — Synergy Microsystems has announced a partnership with FSMLabs, the inventors of open source RTLinux (Realtime Linux) to produce “Industrial Linux”, which will offer developers the ability to use the Linux OS with both VME & CompactPCI boards to meet their hard real time embedded computing needs. (more…)

Motorola Computer Group Launches Aggressive Linux Strategy

August 9, 1999

MCG Teams with Lineo and Caldera for Embedded and High-Availability Linux Solutions

TEMPE, Ariz. — (company press release) — Motorola Computer Group (MCG), the world's leading provider of embedded computing technology, today announced a unified Linux strategy that will provide its OEM customers with a broad selection of Linux-based platforms, open source software, service and support,… (more…)

Motorola Computer Group Announces Linux-based Network Appliance

August 9, 1999

TEMPE, Ariz. — Motorola Computer Group (MCG), the world's leading supplier of embedded computing platforms for telecommunication original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), today introduced the SLX Series, the first in a new family of Linux-based embedded platforms for Internet networking applications such as web access, web security, web caching, and virtual private networks (VPNs). (more…)

Motorola Computer Group Announces Linux Based Embedded Servers

August 9, 1999

TEMPE, Ariz., — Motorola Computer Group (MCG), the world's leading supplier of embedded computing platforms for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), today introduced the emS Series the first in MCG's new line of Intel x86 embedded server platforms integrating the Linux open operating system. (more…)