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Archive for August, 2000

Intel XScale lets developers be the boss

August 23, 2000

ZDNet's John Spooner, attending this week's Intel Developer Forum, filed this story about Intel's new XScale processor architecture. The device offers the capability to run fast, or consume little power — the developer decides. Spooner writes . . . (more…)

Microsoft invests $100M in new computer chip?

August 23, 2000

Last week, which was dominated by LinuxWorld Expo, felt a lot like “National Linux Week.” This week, marked by the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), seems to be turning into “National CPU Week,” with numerous CPU product and technology announcements rolling out of Intel — but also from AMD, and others. (more…)

Intel targets new “XScale” CPU core at mobile and Internet apps

August 23, 2000

At the Intel Developers Forum conference in San Jose, CA, Intel today announced XScale, an embedded microprocessor architecture derived from StrongARM technology. Relative to StrongARM, XScale will boast significantly increased speed (approaching 1 GHz), substantially reduced power consumption (down to 0.0001W), and will incorporate a number of new technologies that optimize its use in tomorrow's mobile,… (more…)

AMD’s “Duron” answers Celeron

August 23, 2000

Cade Metz, of PC Magazine, has written an article comparing AMD's Duron to Intel's Celeron. The device is a relatively inexpensive processor with relatively high (700 MHz) clock speeds. (Hey — what ever happened to the good old days when chips were named 186, 286, 386, 486 . . .) Metz writes . . . (more…)

ZDNet’s Weekly Linux Newsletter, featuring LinuxWorld

August 23, 2000

This is ZDNet's “other” Linux Newsletter (the non-embedded one), published weekly by ZDNet's Linux Resource Center. This week, the ZDNet Linux Newsletter contains some interesting coverage about LinuxWorld Expo, held last week in San Jose, CA . . . (more…)

Article: A walk on the Embedded side . . . of LinuxWorld

August 22, 2000

One short year ago, “embedded Linux” barely existed, from a commercial perspective. Last week's 150,000 square foot LinuxWorld conference (San Jose, CA) clearly demonstrated how far embedded Linux has come in just a dozen months. Better than one in ten of the more than 160 exhibitors rolled out new products and services aimed at embedded Linux developers and applications. (more…)

IBM Fact sheet: summary of IBM solutions for Linux

August 22, 2000

IBM has recently published the following “fact sheet,” summarizing IBM's many Linux activities over the last several years . . . (more…)

New Linux support for MIL-STD-1750A embedded systems

August 22, 2000

San Jose, CA — (press release excerpt) — Cleanscape Software International announced today an upgrade to Cleanscape XTC-1750A, a C programming language cross-development environment for embedded systems using the MIL-STD-1750A processor. New features include ANSI prototype support, Linux operability, and the bundling of lintPlus, Cleanscape's static source code analyzer. (more…)

A walk on the Embedded side . . . of LinuxWorld

August 22, 2000's Rick Lehrbaum took a walk on the embedded side of LinuxWorld expo in San Jose, CA, last week. Lehrbaum filed this report on what he observed . . . (more…)

MontaVista Fills Big Need for Small Browser (SD Times)

August 21, 2000

Edward J. Correia, writing in SD Times, takes a look at the new ViewML browser for embedded Linux based systems. Correia describes ViewML as “an open-source HTML engine that breaks 1MB ROM Barrier.” Correia writes . . . (more…)

New portal site for Linux in automation is established

August 19, 2000

Kiel, GERMANY — A new portal site was established today which features the use of Linux in industrial automation. aims to be an information pool for engineers who want to have an overview about which electronic components, development resources, software tools, solution providers, distributors, etc., are available on the market if they want to use Linux as their tool to solve real… (more…)

Linux prepares for embedded real-time usage (EETimes)

August 19, 2000

Charles J. Murray, writing in EE Times, reports on last week's LinuxWorld conference in San Jose, CA. Murray writes . . . (more…)

Transmeta flirting with AMD and 1GHz

August 19, 2000

Here's an update on Transmeta based on information obtained from the company's recent S1 filing, and on interviews conducted by ZDNet's John G. Spooner and Charles Cooper. Spooner & Cooper write . . . (more…)

First stable release of PeeWeeLinux embedded Linux

August 19, 2000

PeeWeeLinux 0.50 has been released. PeeWeeLinux is a small Linux distribution aimed at embedded devices. The distribution attempts to make the configuration and installation of a Linux operating system on an embedded platform as painless as possible. (more…)

QNX Pentium III optimization achieves up to 33% gains

August 18, 2000

Ottawa, CANADA — (press release excerpt) — Working in cooperation with Intel Corporation, QNX Software Systems today announced that they have optimized their QNX Neutrino realtime operating system (RTOS) for the Intel Pentium III processor family. Optimizations will result in significant performance improvements for developers wishing to run QNX-based solutions on Pentium III platforms. (more…)