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Archive for April, 2001

Battle for the Unseen Computer

April 19, 2001

Claire Tristam, west-coast bureau chief of MIT's Technology Review, has written a comprehensive and entertaining article about the current state of embedded software and the growing impact of open source on the embedded market. The article is oriented toward nontechnical folks, who aren't necessarily immersed in the embedded arts. Tristam writes . . . (more…)

Open-source development drives innovation

April 19, 2001

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania as published an article (via CNET) about the apparent benefits of open source development with respect to innovation, and the implications of this growing trend . . . (more…)

Embedded Linux flexes its muscles at ESC 2001

April 19, 2001

This is Rick Lehrbaum's “traditional” report on “all things Linux” at the Embedded Systems Conference which took place during the week of April 9, 2001 in San Francisco, California. Lehrbaum briefly describes many of the Embedded Linux oriented exhibits, takes us on a photo tour of some cool Embedded Linux based devices that were being shown off, and offers his assessment of the current state of the… (more…)

Lineo and Samsung formalize “Lineo Korea”

April 18, 2001

Lindon, UT — (press release excerpt) — Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, and Lineo Inc. today formalized their joint venture under the name Lineo Korea. (more…)

Article: Opinion: Kevin Dankwardt on standardization for Embedded Linux

April 17, 2001

Recently, the Embedded Linux Consortium (ELC) announced their intention to establish a “single unified specification for an embedded Linux platform” to be known as the “ELC Platform Specification”. (more…)

Article: A developer’s perspective on Agenda’s VR3 Linux PDA

April 17, 2001

Foreword: This article is the sixth in a series on Exploring Linux PDA Alternatives by Jerry Epplin that explores the history, status, alternative architectures, and future developments of Linux on PDAs and handheld devices. In this installment, Epplin takes a close-up look at the new Agenda VR3 Linux PDA, from both a user and developer point of view, and… (more…)

India’s $200 Linux-based “Simputer” set to launch

April 17, 2001

Reuters news agency reports that the “Simputer,” a $200 Linux-based computer system, will launch in Bangalore, India on April 25. The device is intended to bring computing and connectivity to millions in India who do not have access to conventional PCs. Quoting the Reuters news story . . . (more…)

Opinion: Kevin Dankwardt on standardization for Embedded Linux

April 17, 2001

In this guest editorial, Kevin Dankwardt raises a number of serious issues and concerns regarding the ELC Board's ELC Platform Specification proposal and press release, and offers some suggestions on how best to proceed. Dankwardt writes . . . (more…)

A developer’s perspective on Agenda’s VR3 Linux PDA

April 17, 2001

In this sixth article in's ongoing series on Exploring Linux PDA Alternatives, Jerry Epplin takes a close-up look at the new Agenda VR3 Linux PDA, from both a user and developer point of view, and offers a few well-intended recommendations. Epplin writes . . . (more…)

DivX emerges as open standard for digital video compression

April 17, 2001

San Diego, CA — (press release excerpt) — the open source version of DivX video compression technology (“OpenDivX”) has been ported to all major operating systems and processing platforms less than three months after the release of the source code, DivXNetworks, Inc. announced today. (more…)

Come and get it! Red Hat unveils new Linux

April 17, 2001

By Michael Kanellos; ZDNet News . . .

Red Hat introduced a new version of its take on the Linux operating system aimed at improving multiprocessor performance and keeping out bugs. (more…)

Embedded Linux to power memory emulator debugging tool

April 17, 2001

Grammer Engine has announced that its next generation PromICE debugging tool will contain an Embedded Linux operating system. Grammer Engine's PromICE memory emulators represent an alternative to in-circuit emulators (ICE), replacing the memory (ROM or Flash) on the target development system under test and allowing compiled code to be quickly loaded from a host system. (more…)

Building a Linux/RTAI based software radio

April 17, 2001

This article describes an interesting do-it-yourself demonstration of the capabilities of RTAI, a real-time Linux add-on. The demo consists of a floppy-booted Linux system that uses an RTAI task to create a radio carrier on which synthesized music is superimposed. The whole thing is done in software! (more…)

iomojo creates open camera server project

April 17, 2001

Question: What happens when you combine one multimedia producer, one chemist-turned-programmer, and one technologist, add a healthy dose of Linux, and stir? (more…)

Real-Time Java reference implementation due soon

April 16, 2001

San Francisco; Embedded Systems Conference — (press release excerpt) — TimeSys Corporation has announced that they will deliver a complete Reference Implementation of the Real-Time Specification for Java (JSR-00001) to the Expert Group of the Java Community Process (JCP) on April 30th, 2001 for its evaluation. (more…)