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Red Hat announces embedded support for Hitachi SuperH

June 26, 2001

Research Triangle Park, NC — (press release excerpt) — Red Hat, Inc. announced today that it will extend its Embedded Linux, eCos RTOS, and RedBoot firmware support offerings and engineering services to include support of Hitachi, Ltd.'s SuperH architecture. The SuperH family of processors represents a powerful, low-cost family of microprocessors that address a variety of target markets including… (more…)

Epson embeds QNX in new retail interactive terminal

June 26, 2001

Ottawa, ON — (press release excerpt) — QNX Software Systems announced today that Epson America has selected the QNX real-time operating system to be embedded within a new intranet-based customer marketing system. The Epson Zeleon is an interactive terminal based on thin-client architecture and network-centric management. (more…)

Toshiba selects Hard Hat Linux for TX39/49 processors

June 26, 2001

Tokyo and Sunnyvale, CA — (press release excerpt) — Toshiba and MontaVista today announced an alliance whereby the two companies will port MontaVista's Hard Hat Linux to Toshiba's TX39 and TX49 embedded processor families. In addition, Toshiba will designate Hard Hat Linux as one of the standard operating systems for its TX39 and TX49 processors. (more…)

Intel gains Alpha technology and big Itanium design win

June 25, 2001

By Melanie Austria Farmer and Joe Wilcox; special to ZDNet News . . .

In a major boost to Intel's Itanium chip, Compaq Computer will license its Alpha chip technology to Intel and will use Itanium in its servers as the PC giant looks to consolidate its operations to focus on software and computer services. (more…)

Lineo announces high availability “vertical clustering”

June 25, 2001

Paris — (press release excerpt) — Lineo Inc. today announced the availability of Lineo Availix Vertical Clustering 1.0, an innovative solution to provide Internet data centers, large Internet service providers and access providers with high scalability and performance for non-stop access services. (more…)

Lineo processor support nears century mark

June 25, 2001

Lineo Inc. announced today that the company's embedded processor support is nearing the century mark, in terms of the number of different processors supported. According to company sources, Lineo now supports a total of more than 90 processors via three distinct operating systems: Lineo Embedix, an embedded Linux operating system; Lineo uClinux, a variant of Linux that supports microprocessors without… (more…)

Linux gains ground in gaming equipment [NewsForge]

June 25, 2001

Grant Gross reports, in a NewsForge article, on a growing trend of using Linux as the embedded operating system within gaming machines. Gross writes . . . (more…)

HP gets funky with Digital Entertainment Center

June 25, 2001

Tom Mainelli, of, reports on HP's recently announced Linux-based Digital Entertainment Center. Mainelli writes . . . (more…)

Bootstrapping the YOPY PDA [O’Reilly Network]

June 25, 2001

Chris Halsall, writing at O'Reilly Network, provides a thorough, technically-oriented, well written review of the G.Mate YOPY Linux PDA. Halsall writes . . . (more…)

The Future of Linux and Open Source

June 25, 2001

George Weiss of the Gartner Group considers the issues associated with the adoption of open source software by corporate decision makers, and explains the evolutionary stages that can be expected during its maturation. Included, is an interesting graphical representation showing the expected pattern of advance of Linux between 1998 and 2005. (more…)

Java-on-Embedded-Linux forum launches — call for participation

June 22, 2001 has begun assembling a set of Java-on-Embedded-Linux resources that we hope will prove to be a valuable source of information on using Java and Java-like technology within Linux-based embedded systems and smart devices. (more…)

MS lawyers join open-source fray

June 22, 2001

By Stephen Shankland; special to ZDNet . . .

Microsoft lawyers have joined the company's campaign against open-source software, restricting how developers may use what it terms “viral software” in connection with Microsoft programming tools. (more…)

Partnership aims Embedded Linux at huge China market

June 22, 2001

Beijing, Taipei, & Hong Kong — (press release excerpt) — TUXIA today announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Beijing Orient Electronics Group Co. (BOE), a leading manufacturer of electronics components and display devices, to co-develop embedded Linux software solutions to run Internet appliances in Greater China. (more…)

Wasabi ports NetBSD to AMD’s x86-64 architecture

June 22, 2001

New York, NY — Wasabi Systems today announced the completion of a preliminary port of NetBSD to AMD's 64-bit x86-64 architecture. The port has been tested on Virtutech's VirtuHammer x86-64 simulation tool. AMD x86-64 technology is designed to support applications that address large amounts of physical and virtual memory, such as high performance servers, database management systems, and CAD tools. (more…)

Partnership creates open high availability architecture

June 22, 2001

Hillsboro, OR — (press release excerpt) — RadiSys Corp., along with partners MontaVista Software and GoAhead Software, claim they have demonstrated the industry's first high availability system based on a truly open architecture. Called the “Open Availability Architecture,” this latest technology enables carrier-class OEMs to easily define and purchase application-ready computing platforms which meet… (more…)