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Archive for December, 2001

Sharp promotes proprietary SD card for Linux PDA, but MMC also works

December 31, 2001

NewsForge's Tina Gasperson points out that although Sharp promotes promotes use of the proprietary SD card for the Zaurus Linux PDA, the more open MMC works just fine and offers some advantages. Gasperson writes . . . (more…)

Packaging software with RPM, Part 2 [developerWorks]

December 31, 2001

The RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) system is a widely used tool for delivering software for Linux; users can easily install an RPM-packaged product. In this article at IBM's developerWorks website, the second in a series, Dan Poirier explains how to package software without running as root, how to handle software that won't build on Linux without changes, and how to distribute your work. (more…)

New office suite supports embedded Linux based devices

December 31, 2001

Beijing, China — (press release excerpt) — China Beijing Co-Create Open Source Software Co., Ltd has developed CCOffice, a small footprint embedded Linux based office suite compatible with MS office file formats. CCOffice offers various functions, which can meet demands in various embedded applications. (more…)

The little Linux distribution that could: tomsrtbt [NewsForge]

December 27, 2001

In this article at NewsForge, Russell Pavlicek reviews what appears to be an extremely valuable single-floppy bootable Linux system. Pavlicek writes . . . (more…)

uClibc version 0.9.8 is announced

December 26, 2001

Erik Andersen has announced version 0.9.8 of uClibc, a C library for embedded Linux systems . . . (more…)

Quake 2 Source Code Released Under The GPL [SlashDot]

December 26, 2001

According to a discussion on Slashdot, Quake 2 source code has been released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) open source license. (more…)

New mini-distribution of Linux for the visually impaired

December 26, 2001

Here is an announcement about a new mini-distribution of Linux for the visually impaired . . .

Hi, I just want to inform you about the existence of a new UMSDOS mini-distribution of Linux, called BrlSpeak. It can be installed without any assistance from a sighted person; and it comes with a special built-in preconfiguration for the braille device, so that a blind person should be able to… (more…)

Caldera releases “AIM” benchmarks under GPL

December 21, 2001

Caldera has announced that they are making Suites VII and IX of the AIM benchmarks available under the GPL. The Suites are now available to the community via download. The project will also be available on SourceForge soon. (more…)

SnapGear announces Embedded Linux based reference platform

December 21, 2001

Salt Lake City, UT — (press release excerpt) — SnapGear Inc. has developed a new Linux-based reference platform that brings together USB, PCMCIA, WAN, LAN, and serial connectivity in a single powerful appliance design. (more…)

G.Mate now accepting orders for YOPY Linux-PDAs

December 21, 2001

[Updated Dec. 21, 2001] What's the status of G.Mate's YOPY Linux-PDA? According to Seungchae, G.Mate Sales and Marketing Manager, “We are selling the new YOPY on the website at this point. (more…)

Why Microsoft is attacking Embedded Linux

December 21, 2001 founder Rick Lehrbaum offers his perspective on why Microsoft has begun to publicly attack Embedded Linux. Lehrbaum writes . . . (more…)

Can Linux make our MP3 dreams come true? [CNET]

December 20, 2001

This article from CNET's Music Center notes that among developer of set-top boxes and other convergence gadgets, Embedded Linux is making significant inroads as a “dark horse” alternative to offerings from Microsoft and Sun . . . (more…)

Bluetooth on the verge of a growth spurt [ZDNet]

December 20, 2001

After attending last week's Bluetooth Developers Conference in San Francisco, John G. Spooner of ZDNet News reports that Bluetooth may finally be on the verge of a growth spurt. Spooner writes . . . (more…)

Too many wireless LAN standards? [ZDNet]

December 20, 2001

In this editorial at ZDNet, columnist Steven Vaughan-Nichols complains that there are too many wireless LAN alternatives. Vaughan-Nichols writes . . . (more…)

TI chips to slip into Palms [ZDNet]

December 20, 2001

Richard Shim of ZDNet News reports that handheld maker Palm announced Monday that it has chosen chipmaker Texas Instruments and its OMAP (Open Multimedia Application Platform) architecture to power its next generation of wireless handhelds. Several weeks ago, TI announced a strategic alliance with Embedded Linux… (more…)