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Archive for August, 2002

eCos version 2 now licensed under GPL [SDTimes]

August 27, 2002

SD Times editor Alan Zeichick examines the current state of Red Hat's eCos operating system now that Red Hat has backed away from promoting it, and discusses the implications of eCos version 2 now being licensed under a modified version of the GPL. Zeichick writes . . . (more…)

Carrier Grade Linux: What you need to know [EETimes]

August 27, 2002

In this online EE Times article, John Mehaffey (of MontaVista Software) details the use of Linux in telecom equipment designs. Mehaffey examines Open Source Development Lab's (OSDL) efforts to set standards to bring Linux into compliance for 'Carrier Grade' applications . . . (more…)

Article: Linux, the GPL, and a new model for software innovation

August 27, 2002


Increasingly, software is going 'open source,' with increasingly good results. Linux, the most visible of open-source software, is rapidly gaining ground in both embedded and server software markets, and even begins to make inroads on the desktop. (more…)

College students: Help improve Linux, win a ThinkPad [NewsForge]

August 26, 2002

NewsForge editor Robin “Roblimo” Miller reports that the second IBM Linux Scholar Challenge is accepting registrations through October 31. Complete contest rules are available here (pdf file) . (more…)

Getting Started with Java on Linux [Linux Journal]

August 26, 2002

Writing at Linux Journal, Daniel Solin provides an informative tutorial focused on installing and testing JDK and Resin to set up a Java application server. Solin writes . . . (more…)

New MIPS32 processor supports multi-threaded Embedded Linux

August 26, 2002

San Jose, CA — (press release excerpt) — Lexra announces today the industry's highest performance processor based on the MIPS32 architecture for use in its SOCs for High-Touch packet processing applications. (more…)

IBM showcases IPv6, other advanced functions on Linux watch

August 26, 2002

An update from IBM on its Linux wrist watch . . .

At the recent LinuxWorld Expo & Conference in San Francisco, IBM demonstrated IP layer mobility using IP version 6 and Intelligent notification on the next generation of its Linux wrist watch prototype. IBM is the first to demonstrate Mobile IP version 6 on such small platforms as a wrist watch. (more…)

MontaVista forms custom engineering services partnership

August 26, 2002

Sunnyvale, CA and Rochester, NY — (press release excerpt)– MontaVista Software Inc. today announced an agreement with Vanteon Corporation to provide customized technical services for subscribers of MontaVista Linux. Vanteon is the first company to join the MontaVista Professional Services Partnering Program, a select group of geographically distributed companies that provide custom engineering services… (more…)

Suggested Revision of the GNU General Public License

August 26, 2002

Matthew R. Harris, CEO of Embedix, Inc. (Lineo), has written a suggested revision of the GNU General Public License. Note that it is not an official version of the GNU General Public License, and is published at this time for informational purposes only. Harris, a stong proponent of the GPL, believes that in its current form it is difficult to understand and contains a number of ambiguities. (more…)

Royal Philips unveils Linux-powered ‘gateway-on-a-chip’

August 24, 2002

San Jose, CA — (press release excerpt) — Royal Philips Electronics today announced the first Linux-based Gateway-on-a-Chip system solution, which includes processors, software, and boards for manufacturers of small office/home office (SOHO) broadband routers. Philips' Linux Software Release 3.0, in combination with its new, highly integrated processors, provides a cost-effective solution for secure… (more…)

New software lets your eyes do the typing [CNN]

August 22, 2002

Daniel Sieberg of CNN reports on a new technology that uses optical movement to provide hands-free typing. The 'Dasher' project is scheduled to be hosted on Sourceforge and made available under the GPL later this month. A Linux version will be available in September according to Dasher Project's website . (more…)

Exposed: The Linux developer lifestyle [CNET]

August 22, 2002

Writing at CNET, Matthew Broersma reports on a study released by the International Institute of Infonomics that 'exposes' open source developers — the motives, habits and personal data. The study also looks at the role of open source software in government and business. Broersma writes . . . (more…)

Contributors wanted to help develop and test standards for auto industry devices

August 22, 2002

Bloomfield Hills, MI — (press release excerpt) — The Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration (AMI-C) is seeking contributors to its Phase 3 development and testing of mobile information and entertainment system specifications for the global automotive industry. (more…)

Interview with theKompany’s Shawn Gordon [OSNews]

August 22, 2002

OSNews editor Eugenia Loli-Queru interviews Shawn Gordon, president of theKompany. Shawn talks about version 1.0 of Aethera and Kapital coming out in September, the embedded Linux market, and the future of Linux on the desktop . . . (more…)

JFS merged into Linux kernel 2.4

August 21, 2002

The 'Journaled File System' Technology for Linux was included in Marcelo Tosatti's Linux 2.4.20-pre4 release of the kernel. A full changelog is available here. (more…)