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Archive for September, 2002

Qtopia 1.6 beta snapshots available

September 26, 2002

Here is a brief note from a reader regarding the status of Qtopia 1.6 . . .

Trolltech is now posting Qtopia 1.6 snapshots (betas), on their FTP site. The Qtopia roadmap explains the relationship between Qtopia 1.5, 1.6, and the forthcoming Qtopia 2.0. (more…)

Embedded Linux enables ‘1st Internet-connected GPS receiver’

September 25, 2002

Santa Clara, CA — (press release excerpt) — Thales Navigation today announced the industry's first direct Internet-connected GPS receiver, the Thales Navigation Internet-Enabled Continuous Geodetic Reference Station (iCGRS) System. The system features an embedded PC running Linux. (more…)

Multidimensional data clustering for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

September 25, 2002

IBM has published an interview with IBM's expert Matt Huras on DB2. He shares a sneak preview of the new release of DB2 version 8 and its technical highlights, including it's high-availability features, improved administration tools, performance advice, and multidimensional clustering, which allows data to be clustered according to several different 'dimensions' simultaneously. (more…)

Apple open-sources Rendezvous device discovery/connection technology

September 25, 2002

Cupertino, CA — (press release excerpt) — Apple today announced it is 'open sourcing' the code for its innovative new Rendezvous networking technology. Rendezvous, based on open Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Standard Protocols such as IP, ARP and DNS, uses industry standard networking protocols and zero configuration… (more…)

uClinux: World’s most popular embedded Linux distro?

September 24, 2002

This guest column by John Drabik reviews the purpose, history, current status, accomplishments, and future plans of uClinux, a Linux variant that has been optimized for embedded systems and devices having tightly constrained processor and memory resources. The article puts forward the notion that uClinux may well represent the world's first, most mature, and most commercially successful Embedded Linux… (more…)

J2ME Personal Profile spec approved by Java Community Process

September 24, 2002

Santa Clara, CA and Yokohama, Japan — (press release excerpt) — Sun Microsystems today announced that the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) Personal Profile specification has been approved by the Java Community Process (JCP) and will subsequently be made available to the Java community at the second annual JavaOne Japan Developer Conference. (more…)

AMD Developer Symposium underscores growing Linux role

September 24, 2002

Sunnyvale, CA; AMD Developer Symposium — (press release excerpt) — AMD today joined with Linux partners to help further the development of their 64-bit computing platforms. The symposium, which focuses on the Linux and open source software and hardware development communities, is taking place today and tomorrow at AMD's world headquarters in Sunnyvale. (more…)

‘Fast-start’ ARM-based uCLinux training coming to Toronto

September 24, 2002

Leesburg, VA — (press release excerpt) — Embedded and Real Time Linux training specialist System Design and Consulting Services (SDCS), announces a 'fast-start' training class based on the ARM processor. This class is being conducted in association with Arcturus Networks, in Toronto Oct. 15-17 2002. (more…)

New Mot CompactPCI packet processor boasts Linux support

September 24, 2002

San Jose, CA; Communications Design Conference — (press release excerpt) — Motorola Computer Group today launched the Packet Computing Resource Board (PCRB), a high-density CompactPCI blade for high speed processing of packet data typical in today's networking systems. The PCRB is a highly integrated and optimized multi-processing resource for packet data intensive applications such as content-aware… (more…)

Tool helps port C/C++ apps from Solaris to Linux

September 24, 2002

IBM alphaWorks has posted a PortingManager, a free tool that simplifies the porting of C and C++ applications from Solaris to Linux, ensuring fast deployment of applications to the Linux platform. This porting tool provides valuable assistance at no charge as an alphaWorks non-open source download. (more…)

RTAI project announces ‘huge’ release

September 24, 2002

Here is an announcement from Paolo Mantegazza of the RTAI project . . .

The RTAI project is pleased to announce the 24.1.10 release of the famous real-time extension to the Linux kernel. (more…)

Microsoft: We’ll outsmart open source [ZDNet]

September 24, 2002

ZDNet (UK) editor Peter Judge reports on a talk by Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer in a meeting with Microsoft 'Most Valued Professionals' (MVPs) in London on Monday. Judge writes . . . (more…)

Article: uClinux: World’s most popular embedded Linux distro?

September 24, 2002

Despite claims to the contrary, uClinux may well represent the world's first, most mature, and most commercially successful embedded Linux distribution. While other embedded distributions rely on upscale processors to get reasonable performance, uClinux uses solid code, a firm guiding hand, and actual product experience with deeply embedded systems. (more…)

Broadcom dual-MIPS multiprocessor chip gains Linux support

September 24, 2002

San Jose, CA; Communications Design Conference — (press release excerpt) — MontaVista Software today announced Linux support for the SiByte BCM1250 processor, the first product in Broadcom's SiByte family of high performance, low power, and highly integrated processors. The BCM1250 is designed for use in both control plane and data plane applications across Local Area Network (LAN), Metropolitan Area… (more…)

Why .NET will conquer the world [ZDNet]

September 23, 2002

In part 2 of a 3-part guest commentary at ZDNet, John Carroll chronicles the top reasons why he believes the .NET framework will emerge as the preeminent development paradigm . . . (more…)