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Archive for October, 2002

Transmeta and MontaVista target Linux-based consumer devices

October 29, 2002

Santa Clara, CA — (press release excerpt) — Transmeta Corp. today announced a collaboration with MontaVista Software Inc. to enable customers of both companies to bring Linux-based consumer electronics products to market more quickly and cost-effectively. (more…)

Device Profile: CorAccess home management appliances

October 28, 2002

This 'device profile' introduces a pair of home appliances which contain Linux as their embedded operating systems. (more…)

Broadcom unveils ‘smallest’ Bluetooth receiver chip

October 28, 2002

Irvine, CA — (press release excerpt) — Broadcom Corp. today announced availability of a new single-chip Bluetooth device that features the industry's best radio performance and smallest chip package. The Broadcom Blutonium BCM2035 achieves greater radio sensitivity than any other Bluetooth radio on the market, increasing the effective range over which Bluetooth-enabled equipment can wirelessly share… (more…)

Realfeel test of the preemptible kernel patch [Linux Journal]

October 28, 2002

In this online article at, Andrew Webber takes another look at how preemption affects worst-case latencies. Webber writes . . . (more…)

TV Linux Alliance releases first spec (vers. 0.8)

October 28, 2002

Austin, TX — (press release excerpt) — The TV Linux Alliance today announced the availability of its specification version 0.8. The TV Linux Alliance is a consortium of digital media technology suppliers established to define a standards-based Linux environment for the digital set-top box market. (more…)

Wind River’s Fiddler on the advantages — and disadvantages — of Linux

October 28, 2002

Wind River's chairman and cofounder Jerry Fiddler has written a whitepaper about the strengths and weaknesses of Linux relative to use in embedded systems and devices. Not surprisingly, Fiddler concludes that although there are some attractive attributes associated with Linux, embedded system and device developers would be much better off using one of Wind River's products — either VxWorks or BSD/OS. (more…)

Article: Linux, Windows neck-and-neck in embedded

October 28, 2002

According to data recently compiled by Evans Data Corp (EDC), Linux and Windows are running neck-and-neck in terms of developer use for future projects. The newest installment of EDC's Embedded Systems Developer Survey, fielded in July 2002, shows 30.2% of embedded developers expect to use Linux in their next embedded project, while 16.2% say they will use Windows CE and another 14.4% say they will… (more…)

Article: Device Profile: CorAccess home management appliances

October 28, 2002

CorAccess (Golden, CO) has released two new home appliances which use Linux as their embedded operating systems. The CorAccess Companion Home Management Panels give homeowners one-touch access to lighting, appliances, thermostat and security control, as well as a digital photo frame, and provide a convenient camera monitoring function which makes it easy to check the front door, the kids' playroom, and… (more…)

BusyBox 0.60.5 released

October 27, 2002

BusyBox maintainer Erik Andersen issued this brief announcement of the release of BusyBox version 0.60.5 . . . (more…)

Next Linux (‘2.6’ or ‘3.0’?) due by June [CNET]

October 26, 2002

CNET editor Stephen Shankland reports on comments made by Linus Torvalds during the 'Geek Cruise' taking place in the Caribbean. Shankland writes . . . (more…)

Ballot on IEEE P1003.26 real-time standard: Device Control API

October 26, 2002

For your information, the IEEE has sent out the following invitation to ballot on a new Real-time standard . . . (more…)

Introducing ‘Embedded Software Development with eCos’

October 25, 2002

Anthony J. Massa, author of a new book on eCos, provides this brief introduction to his book for embedded developers in the community . . . (more…)

Linux to power IBM’s ‘Blue Gene’ supercomputer [CNET]

October 25, 2002

CNET's Michael Kanellos reports that Linux will be the main operating system for IBM's upcoming family of “Blue Gene” supercomputers — a major endorsement for the operating system and the open-source computing model it represents . . . (more…)

Plug a Swing-based development tool into Eclipse

October 25, 2002

This article at IBM's developerWorks website explains how to integrate a stand-alone Swing-based editor into the Eclipse Platform as a plug-in. Using simple techniques, you can share resources between the Swing tool, the Eclipse Platform, and various SWT widgets — and these resources can communicate through mutual awareness. (more…)

Article: Introducing ‘Embedded Software Development with eCos’

October 25, 2002

My new book, Embedded Software Development with eCos (ISBN 0-13-035473-2; Prentice Hall PTR), is the quickest way to get started using eCos, the open-source and royalty-free Embedded Configurable Operating System (eCos). Basically, the book guides you through all of the steps necessary to setup a complete embedded software development environment — all the tools necessary to tackle any project. (more…)