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Archive for January, 2003

KDE project releases KDE 3.1

January 28, 2003

The KDE Project has released KDE 3.1, the popular open source Linux desktop and windowing environment. KDE includes a basic desktop, an integrated development environment, and seventeen other packages (PIM, administration, network, edutainment, utilities, multimedia, games, artwork, web development, and more), and supports 47 languages. (more…)

Whitepaper: The Compelling Case for Open Source Embedded Tools

January 28, 2003

This whitepaper presents a case that open source GNU tools are mature, reliable, and ready for wide-scale adoption in the embedded market, and that they represent an excellent means to the avoid risks and problems of software tools obsolescence, vendor lock-in, and vanishing sources which often plague complex, long lifecycle, embedded projects. (more…)

Override the GNU C library — painlessly

January 28, 2003

What do you do if you don't have the source for your application and it's failing because a GNU Library for C (glibc) function is returning something bad to the application? Because glibc is open-source, you can of course get the source code, make your changes, rebuild, and install. (more…)

19,383 attended LinuxWorld New York

January 28, 2003

(PR excerpt) — 19,383 members of the Open Source community gathered in New York last week to learn about the latest Open Source trends, network with peers and test-drive the newest products. LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, the premier event exclusively focused on Linux and Open Source technologies, took place at New York City's Javits Center January 21-24, 2003. (more…)

Preview of Embedded Systems Conference, San Francisco

January 28, 2003

(PR excerpt) — The 15th annual Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) San Francisco will be held in the Moscone Convention Center, April 22-26. 11,000+ attendees and 300+ eExhibitors are expected to turn out for the annual mega embedded systems conference. (more…)

Debugger supports GCC 3.2 and Intel Linux compilers

January 28, 2003

(PR excerpt) — Etnus today announced that version 6 of the Etnus TotalView Debugger now supports GNU GCC 3.2, and Version 7.0 of Intel's C++ and Fortran compilers for Linux. (more…)

Article: Whitepaper: The Compelling Case for Open Source Embedded Tools

January 28, 2003

Executive summary

This paper presents a case that mature, reliable Open Source Software (OSS) embedded development tools, popularly know as GNU Tools, are ready to be widely adopted as a business strategy and a solution to software tools obsolescence, vendor lock-in, and vanishing manufacturing sources as applied to embedded systems in complex, long lifecycle embedded computer systems that… (more…)

New source-level Linux kernel debug tool supports ARM, XScale

January 27, 2003

(PR excerpt) — American Arium today announced delivery of a Linux source-level kernel debug solution using its SourcePoint debugging software along with an Arium SC-1000 JTAG emulator for ARM and Intel XScale processors. (more…)

XBox modchip includes preinstalled Cromwell Linux BIOS

January 27, 2003

(PR excerpt) — OzXChip has released a new XBox modchip which comes preinstalled with the new Cromwell Linux BIOS. Since the new Cromwell BIOS is fully open source it can be shipped with the chip without any legal risks. (more…)

REMINDER: please vote in our Embedded Linux survey

January 27, 2003 requests its readers and everyone else interested in embedded software to participate in the Winter 2002/03 Embedded Linux Market Survey. By answering these questions, you will help build a composite profile of the Embedded Linux market. Note: This is a new survey launched in Q4 of 2002 — please participate even if you participated in previous surveys. (more…)

Latest news from the uClibc project

January 27, 2003

Here are two important announcements from the uClibc project . . .

uClibc 0.9.17 is released (more…)

IBM explains Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA) security chip

January 24, 2003

From IBM's Watson Research, Global Security Analysis Lab . . .

IBM's Global Security Analysis Lab (GSAL) has done extensive analysis of the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA) chip available on some IBM systems. We have the chip running under Linux, and have studied it extensively. (more…)

Helix DNA Client being ported to Linux ARM (and Sharp Zaurus)

January 24, 2003

A project has been started to port the open source Helix DNA client to ARM processors under Linux with an initial objective of getting it working on the Sharp Zaurus 5500 and 5600 Linux PDAs. (more…)

Japanese manufacturers back off proprietary (embedded) OSes

January 23, 2003

EE Times editor Junko Yoshida puts the recent moves by Sony, Matsushita, and other Japanese consumer electronics powerhouses to develop a Linux-based consumer device operating system in perspective, in terms of its representing a significant movement away from proprietary embedded operating systems. (more…)

IBM: ‘Linux is here to stay’

January 23, 2003

CNET editor Stephen Shankland reports on the LinuxWorld keynote talk delivered today by Steve Mills, head of IBM's software group . . . (more…)