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Archive for October, 2005

Converged mobile device shipments skyrocket

October 26, 2005

Canalys has released data for worldwide shipments of smart mobile devices during the third quarter of this year. With global shipments up 75 percent year-over-year, the numbers signal a continuing shift from standalone handhelds to “converged smart mobile devices.” Motorola showed spectacular growth, attributed to sales of its Linux smartphones in China. (more…)

NTT DoCoMo licenses push-to-talk for its FOMA Linux phones

October 26, 2005

[Updated Oct. 27, 2005] — NTT DoCoMo has licensed Embedded Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) software from Ecrio Inc. for use in its 3G FOMA handsets. The technology will initially be deployed on DoCoMo's 902i series handsets, introduced today. (more…)

DSP architecture targets multimedia handhelds, supports Linux

October 26, 2005

A maker of licensable DSP (digital signal processor) cores this week unveiled its next generation architecture for use in SoCs (system-on-chips) targeting high-performance mobile phones and portable multimedia devices. The StarCore V5 architecture is scalable to over 1 GHz, and includes an MMU function that allows it to run Linux, according to the company. (more…)

Maemo developers appraise the Nokia 770

October 25, 2005

[Updated Oct. 26, 2005] — A number of open source software developers have published brief reviews of Nokia's forthcoming 770 Internet tablet. The reviews are based on early 770s that Maemo developers are allowed to purchase from Nokia at a discount. (more…)

Tux rides shotgun in ad-enabled taxis

October 25, 2005

Multimedia ads are coming to taxi cabs in New York City and elsewhere. Secure electronic payment expert Verifone and NYC taxicab fleet management specialist TaxiTronic have formed a joint venture around Verifone's MX870, a Linux-based PIN-entry pad that doubles as an advertising kiosk. (more…)

MiniGUI moves upmarket with multiple process Linux support

October 25, 2005

An independent software house in China has updated its dual-licensed, lightweight graphics framework and window manager. Beijing Feynman Software's 2.0.1 release of MiniGUI-VAR adds support for multiple processes, and targets high-end embedded systems running embedded Linux. (more…)

Chip startup talks up high efficiency Power designs

October 24, 2005

A microprocessor startup announced a family of energy-efficient Power architecture-based SoCs (system-on-chips) targeting embedded and high-performance computing applications, at the Fall Processor Forum in San Jose this week. (more…)

“Cycle-approximate” simulation speeds development, boots Linux

October 24, 2005

Virtio has added “cycle-approximate” transactional analysis to its virtual platform technology used to simulate the behavior, timing, and performance of popular embedded microprocessors. The company says the technology enables embedded developers to accurately estimate the timing of routines and system software performance. (more…)

Configurable core runs Linux, supports auto-generated SoC designs

October 24, 2005

Tensilica has revised its configurable, extensible processor core for SoC (system-on-chip) design. Xtensa 6 supports tools that generate hardware designs and toolchains from C/C++ algorithms, the company says. The synthesizable, 32-bit RISC core also features 30 percent lower power, and a “no execute” bit for high-security embedded Linux designs. (more…)

ST hurls ARM-powered SPEAr at embedded Linux

October 24, 2005

STMicroelectronics (STM) is sampling an inexpensive ARM-based SoC (system-on-chip) with a 200K-gate configurable logic block. The SPEAr Head (structured processor enhanced architecture) integrates USB 2.0 host/device and 10/100 Ethernet interfaces, and targets embedded control applications such as digital engines for printers and scanners. (more…)

12 from IBM: Cell blades, SDO, SOA, SOAP, AJAX, SAJAX, Eclipse…

October 21, 2005

IBM has published the following technical articles, tutorials, and downloads on its DeveloperWorks website. They cover a range of interesting (though not necessarily embedded) technical topics, primarily related to Linux and open source system development. Some require free registration. Enjoy . . . ! (more…)

Linux powers robotic cow-milking machine

October 21, 2005

A 122-year-old dairy equipment company has used Linux to control a robotic cow-milking system (the system is robotic, not the cows). Delaval's “Voluntary Milking System” (VMS) lets the cows decide for themselves when to be milked, and gives dairy farmers a more independent lifestyle, free from regular… (more…)

Consumer Electronics Linux Forum hires principal developer

October 21, 2005

A technology forum dedicated to advancing Linux for consumer electronics (CE) applications has hired a principal developer. Matt Mackall will submit CELF patches to Linux kernel maintainers, and represent its technologies in community discussions, the group says. He will also continue to maintain his Linux-Tiny patch collection. (more…)

Device Profile: DeLaval Voluntary Milking System

October 21, 2005

A 122-year-old dairy equipment company has used embedded Linux in a robotic cow-milking system (the system is robotic, not the cows). The Voluntary Milking System (VMS) allows cows to decide when to be milked, and gives dairy farmers a more independent lifestyle, free from regular milkings, the company says. (more…)

Linux-powered handheld gaming gadget due Nov. 30

October 20, 2005

Several online stores are accepting pre-orders for an inexpensive handheld Linux gaming device expected to ship Nov. 30. The Gamepark Holdings GP2X-F100 features dual ARM9 processors, USB 2.0, a 3.5-inch color LCD, support for both native and emulated games, and a Linux SDK (software development kit). (more…)