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Archive for October, 2006

IP-STB runs Linux, supports USB-based descrambler

October 26, 2006

A publicly traded start-up has announced an IP-STB (Internet protocol set-top box) with a USB-based “cable card” that allows users to access subscription content from Internet-connected PCs. (more…)

“Mid-size” AMC to run Carrier Grade Linux

October 26, 2006

Emerson Network Power's new Embedded Computing business, formerly Artesyn Communication Products, is readying a “mid-sized” version of an “advanced mezzanine card” (AMC or AdvancedMC) based on an in-process PICMG specification. (more…)

Oracle takes Red Hat Linux under its wing

October 26, 2006

Oracle Corp. on Oct. 25 announced that it would provide the same enterprise class support for Linux as it provides for its database, middleware, and applications products. Essentially, this means that Oracle, after removing Red Hat trademarks, will be distributing Oracle Unbreakable Linux, derived from Red Hat's open-source Linux technology. (more…)

Embedded webserver gains skinny scripting language

October 25, 2006

Real-Time Logic (RTL) has added a PHP-like scripting language to its http daemon for embedded, real-time monitoring and control applications. The Barracuda web server's “Lua Server Pages” (LSP) technology is described as a lighter, faster, more modular alternative to PHP. (more…)

Industrial Linux adds real-time tech

October 25, 2006

[Updated Oct. 27] — Sysgo is readying a new real-time version of its “industrial grade” Linux distribution. ELinOS Real-Time includes a POSIX PSE51 microkernel said to be capable of running single-process, multi-threaded POSIX tasks within secure partitions, along with a user-space Linux partition for non-time-critical tasks. (more…)

Service remotely manages, updates devices

October 25, 2006

Entertainment networking software specialist Mediabolic has launched a service aimed at helping device makers manage firmware updates. The Software Update Service can “push” full or partial stacks to deployed devices with or without customer involvement. It works with product families, groups of products, or even single units, the company says. (more…)

Novell ships real-time SMP x86 Linux

October 25, 2006

Novell is now shipping its real-time Linux implementation. SUSE Linux Enterprise Real-Time (SLERT) is based on processor shielding technology from Concurrent Computer Corporation, and supports multi-processor x86 systems. However, it offers dramatic performance improvements in certain financial and database applications, according to Linux Watch. (more…)

Linux powers next-gen multicore home networking design

October 24, 2006

Parallogic will port its StriaEdge multi-core networking stack to ARM's multi-core ARM11 processor architecture, ARM Ltd. reports. The resulting Linux-based hardware/software design will enable home networking equipment capable of 400Mbps throughputs — enough for triple-play (voice/video/data) services, on-demand video, and multi-channel HDTV service delivery, ARM says. (more…)

Real-time Linux adds JTAG/BDM debugger support

October 24, 2006

FSMLabs's real-time Linux and BSD distributions now support Abatron's popular “BDI” series debuggers. The BDI debuggers exploit the on-chip debugging interfaces found in many modern processors, and can often obviate expensive hardware such as in-circuit emulators, when used with appropriate… (more…)

Virtualization technology targets Linux-powered devices

October 24, 2006

Aplix Corp. on Oct. 24 unveiled patent pending user-space virtualization technology said to dynamically generate virtual execution spaces for native applications running on handheld and mobile devices. The “lightweight,” “OS-independent” technique is intended to enhance security by restricting an application's access to the underlying operating system, according to the company. (more…)

Linux phone design gains “print-quality” image processor

October 24, 2006

Venture-backed Nethra Imaging is using a Linux-based smartphone reference design to demonstrate its “print-quality” auto-focus camera SoC (system-on-chip), at the first-ever 6Sight “Future of Imaging” conference today in Monterey, Calif. (more…)

Samsung spins Linux/Qtopia phone?

October 24, 2006

Samsung and Eidicom have created what appears to be a Linux-based dual-mode camera-phone reference design incorporating Trolltech's Qtopia Phone Edition (QPE) UI and application platform. (more…)

Carrier Grade Linux gains first NEP registrant

October 24, 2006

Performance Technologies (PT) says it has successfully registered a forthcoming version of its commercial Linux distribution with version 3.2 of the Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) specification. (more…)

Nokia’s 770 successor to feature GPS?

October 24, 2006

Several sites around the Internet are reporting on a rumored successor to the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet that could ship in time for the 2006 holiday gift-giving season. The so-called “330” tablet appears to be smaller, more entertainment oriented, and to have built-in GPS capabilities. Nokia had no comment. (more…)

AMCC fires up PowerPC SoCs

October 23, 2006

PowerPC SoC (system-on-chip) specialist AMCC is sampling a new general-purpose embedded processor featuring dual gigabit Ethernet interfaces. Additionally, the company says it has squeezed 20 percent higher performance from its PCI-Express-enabled storage processor. Based on PowerPC 440 cores, both should support Linux. (more…)