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Archive for November, 2006

Webinars introduce developers to embedded Linux

November 30, 2006

TimeSys will offer three webinars in December and early January aimed at helping developers who are new to embedded Linux. The three topics including getting Linux to boot on a target embedded board, getting a sample application to run, and choosing among available embedded filesystem choices. (more…)

EPIC SBC clocks up to 1.8 GHz

November 30, 2006

Ampro has upped the performance of its EPIC form-factor SBC (single-board computer) line, with a model based on a 1.8 GHz Pentium M 745. The high-end option extends the company's ReadyBoard SBCs into applications requiring full-fledged PC performance without the larger ATX-style footprints, according to the company. (more…)

NEP group refines Carrier Grade Linux req’s guidelines

November 30, 2006

The Scope Alliance has updated its Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) “profile” paper, which aims to guide Linux standards bodies, distributors, and application providers in meeting NEP (network equipment provider) requirements. Operating System Profile, Version 1.1, prioritizes CGL 3.2 requirements and roadmap items in greater detail than did the first version. (more…)

Multifunction media player targets Nokia Linux tablets

November 30, 2006

[Updated 11:30 P.M.] — The Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia in Brazil released the first beta of the Canola media player for Nokia's Linux-based 770 and forthcoming “870” Internet tablets. (more…)

2nd-gen Nokia Linux tablet rumor redux

November 30, 2006

[Updated 11:30 AM] — Rumors of a successor to Nokia's Linux-based 770 Internet tablet are circulating around the Web again, today. (more…)

Multimedia-oriented mobile apps processor runs Linux

November 29, 2006

3DLabs is sampling a unique mobile applications processor supported initially under Linux 2.6. The DMS-02 combines a pair of ARM9-EJ cores with 24 FPUs (floating-point units). It targets portable digital entertainment, portable navigation, video conferencing, automotive infotainment, video… (more…)

Compact, rugged industrial PC runs Linux

November 29, 2006

Adlink Technology has added a high-end member to its GEME (General Embedded Machine Engine) line of PC-compatible embedded controllers. The GEME-5000 supports Linux, and targets applications that require continuous operation and remote control, such as machine tools and digital video capture, according to… (more…)

Free mobile browser adds “social networking”

November 29, 2006

Opera Software has released a major upgrade to its free mobile web browser, claimed to be installed on some eight million mobile handsets. Opera Mini 3.0 adds an RSS feed reader, secure connections, and social networking capabilities such as photo sharing, according to the company. (more…)

Marvell ramps up Monahans mobile processors

November 29, 2006

The first XScale “Monahans” chip is shipping, with two to follow next quarter. Five months after acquiring Intel's PXAxxx line, high-volume consumer electronics chip specialist Marvell is shipping the PXA320 (“Monahans-P”) in a low-power production run clockable to 806MHz, with PXA300 (“Monahans-L”) and PXA310 (“Monahans-LV”) to follow in Q1, 2007, Marvell says. (more…)

ARM now third most-popular Debian arch

November 28, 2006

ARM is now the third most popular architecture among Debian Linux users who run “popularity-contest,” a Debian utility that anonymously collects user system data. (more…)

“Flat” SBC targets panel PCs, webpads

November 28, 2006

Kontron has introduced a new product in its family of low-profile “flatware” SBCs (single-board computers) that target applications such as mobile panel-PCs, webpads, test equipment, door and gate stations, and vehicle seat-back systems. (more…)

Goodbye Razr, hello Motofone?

November 28, 2006

[Updated Jan. 12, 2007] — Motorola is shipping a new entry-level mobile phone in India. The Motofone F3 is an extremely low-end phone featuring an “electronic paper” display, breakthrough battery life, a bicycle-mounted dynamo charger, and usability features for the illiterate. (more…)

Chinese 3G TEM joins Mobile Linux Initiative

November 28, 2006

Chinese government-owned TEM (telecommunications equipment manufacturer) and handset vendor Datang Mobile has joined the OSDL (Open Source Development Labs) and will participate in the Mobile Linux Initiative (MLI) to improve the Linux kernel for mobile phones. Datang markets 3G infrastructure equipment and handset designs in China and globally. (more…)

Trolltech rolls “complete” Linux smartphone stack

November 28, 2006

Trolltech, perhaps the most successful Linux smartphone software provider, is readying a more comprehensive stack aimed at simplifying Linux-based phone development. The company's “Greensuite,” due in Q2, will offer a menu of pre-integrated browsers, Java virtual machines, messaging clients, and other software, along with complete source code and branding flexibility, the company says. (more…)

Webinar focuses on fewer field flash failures

November 27, 2006

On Thursday, Dec. 7, Datalight will present another in its series of webinars covering issues related to flash memory. Customer support and services manager Robert Krantz will discuss how to reduce warranty returns by identifying common failure scenarios and incorporating those scenarios into test suites, according to the company. (more…)