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Archive for February, 2007

Hotspot autologin agent adds Nokia N800 tablet, more

February 28, 2007

Devicescape has updated its WiFi hotspot auto-login tool, and is encouraging all users to upgrade before Friday, Mar. 2, when the old version expires. Along with a new authentication protocol, Devicescape Agent 1.0.21 adds support for Nokia's Linux-based N800 Internet Tablet. (more…)

Hypervisor divvies up multi-core systems between Linux, VxWorks

February 28, 2007

Germany-based Real-time Systems (RTS) is readying a hypervisor product said to enable multi-core processors to simultaneously run an RTOS (real-time operating system) and a GPOS (general-purpose operating system), while preserving the RTOS's real-time determinism. The RTS Real-Time Hypervisor, currently in beta, initially supports VxWorks and Linux, according to the company. (more…)

Linux powers first software-defined cellular base station

February 28, 2007

The first software-defined cellular base station to be certified by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission is on display at a communications conference in San Diego this week. The physical layer software of Vanu Inc.'s “Anywave” Base Station runs on Linux and commodity Intel hardware, for low cost and convenient upgrades, according to the company. (more…)

Proposed standard simplifies embedded graphics

February 28, 2007

Board-maker Kontron and fabless semiconductor house XGI have proposed a standard for high-end embedded graphics modules, with the goal of providing both scalability and long-term availability. The “Universal Graphics Module” (UGM) measures 84 x 95 mm, and initially supports dual VGA, LVDS, and DVI outputs. (more…)

An in-depth look at Nokia’s N800 Linux web tablet

February 28, 2007

Nokia quietly began delivering an upgrade to its Linux-based 770 Internet Tablet in January. The N800 retains the same small web tablet form factor, while adding a webcam and significantly increased computing horsepower, memory, and storage expansion. (more…)

Debian-based thin client OS steps up to 2.6 kernel

February 28, 2007

[Updated Mar. 1] — Dutch network computing specialist Athena has updated its OEM-licensable Linux-based thin client operating system. The company claims NLX (New LinuX) 5 to be the first thin client OS based on a 2.6-series Debian kernel. (more…)

Linux-based dev kit to target “digital media devices”

February 28, 2007

Empower Technologies is developing a digital media tablet (DMT) reference design based on a new RISC/DSP chip in TI's “DaVinci” processor line. The DMT design will include hardware based on TI's TMS320DM6441 chip, along with Empower's “LEOs Digital Media Edition” embedded Linux operating system, according to the company. (more…)

Open HA middleware project launches

February 28, 2007

A newly launched community project aims to create an open reference implementation for a “complete” high availability (HA) operating environment, based on select Service Availability Forum (SA Forum) standards. “OpenSAF” was created by Motorola and Ericcson, and is backed by Nokia, Nortel, OKI, Siemens Networks, Interphase, MontaVista, and Wind River. (more…)

Device Profile: Nokia N800 Internet tablet

February 28, 2007

Nokia quietly began delivering an upgrade to its Linux-based 770 Internet Tablet in January. The N800 retains the same small web tablet form factor, while adding a webcam and significantly increasing computing horsepower, memory, and storage expansion. (more…)

Software helps VoIP calls traverse Internet firewalls

February 27, 2007

Eyeball has announced that its “Interactive Connectivity Establishment” (ICE) software now fully supports version 2.0 of CableLabs's PacketCable firewall and NAT traversal specifications. AnyFirewall Engine is the first ICE SDK (software development kit) to enable rapid integration of firewall and NAT traversal into PacketCable applications by cable vendors, the company claims. (more…)

MontaVista touts 2006 progress, hires new exec’s

February 27, 2007

Privately held embedded Linux provider MontaVista claims its Q4, 2006 revenues grew 40 percent, year-over-year, and that its full-year revenues have a chance to better 2005 figures by a similar margin. Additionally, the company has hired four new top-level executives. (more…)

Low-cost computing appliance reincarnates

February 27, 2007

Data Evolution has reintroduced AMD's low-cost “Personal Internet Communicator,” aimed at developing regions of the world. The “decTOP” runs Linux or Windows CE 5.0, has built-in dial-up and broadband networking and a 10GB hard drive, and uses an external keyboard and monitor. (more…)

Linux Foundation releases Carrier Grade Linux 4.0

February 27, 2007

The Linux Foundation today released an update to its Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) specification. The primary changes incorporated into CGL 4.0 are alignment with the SCOPE Alliance's Carrier Grade Profile, and tighter requirements around compliance. (more…)

“First” AM2 mini-ITX mobo targets 64-bit apps

February 27, 2007

Taiwanese boardmaker Albatron has unveiled what it claims to be the first mini-ITX motherboard built around AMD's new AM2 processor socket. Mated with a low-power, small-form-factor AMD processor, the “KI690-AM2” could suit a variety of space-constrained embedded and consumer-device applications where 64-bit processing… (more…)

Linux humanoid robot on French TV

February 26, 2007

A Linux-powered humanoid robot has been interviewed on 8-Fi, a French television magazine devoted to new technology. The hour-long show features Aldebaran Robotics's Nao robot conversing with company president Bruno Maisonnier, followed by a panel discussion on the state of robotics by several French… (more…)