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2nd-gen Nokia Linux tablet rumor redux

Nov 30, 2006 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 4 views

[Updated 11:30 AM] — Rumors of a successor to Nokia's Linux-based 770 Internet tablet are circulating around the Web again, today. Several sites show a blurry photo of a slightly larger, more rounded 770.

(Click for larger view of the 770 Internet Tablet)

Variously dubbed 870 or 880, and listed as Model XXX in purported FCC approval labels, the device appears to have a cellular antenna — or to be propped on a pen in the photo.

The last rumor of a 770 successor emerged last month, when the 330 (pictured at right) came to light. However, the 330 turned to be a simple navigation device based on an RTOS, rather than a full-featured, WiFi-enabled Linux device, confirmed.

The blurry photo of a purported 870 or XXX Internet tablet can still be found on various blogs, with minimal effort. However, Nokia appears to be requesting removal of the unauthorized photo.

Intriguingly, the photo shows what could be a cellular antenna sticking out horizontally from the top left corner of the device. However, possible FCC filings for the device reveal tests for WLAN and Bluetooth radio emissions, but not cellular radio emissions.

Furthermore, despite a September whitepaper from ARCchart calling Nokia's adoption of Linux in phones a matter of “not whether… but when,” Nokia's head of corporate strategy, Jarkko Sairanen, was quoted as recently as October as saying that Linux is not ready for mobile phones.

Another theory is that the antenna-like nub is actually a webcam, perhaps mounted on a retractable, possibly rotating stalk of some kind. Or — perhaps the most likely theory — it could be a pen, propping the device up.

Coming in Q1 of 2007?

Another intriguing tidbit: the alleged FCC filings include a request for confidentiality of block diagrams, schematic diagrams, and theory of operation submitted as part of the application, citing “trade secrets.” And, Nokia requested 45 days of confidentiality for external photos, test setup photos, user's manual, and internal photos. Presumably the confidentiality would run from the Oct. 19 filing date, suggesting a possible ship date of… Sunday, Dec. 3.

On the other hand, anonymous sources close to the company reportedly have confirmed that Nokia will ship a next-generation Linux-based Internet tablet in Q1 of 2007. Perhaps more details will emerge at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas in January.

The new XXX Internet Tablet rumor appears to have originated at, where a lengthy discussion ensued. Hightlights include:

  • Microphone moved to more phone-friendly position
  • Two miniSD slots, instead of single RS-MMC
  • Scroll rocker for web page scrolling
  • Redesigned top-mounted buttons and 5-way cursor pad
  • Built-in stand
  • No protective cover?
  • Thicker at top, thinner at botton
  • Triangular stylus
  • And…?

The full thread can be found here.

Also available is an excellent technical disection of the FCC filing, available on a blog posting from October, here.

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