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An interview with OpenBSD creator and maintainer, Theo de Raadt

Nov 26, 2001 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

KernelTrap's Jeremy Andrews spoke with OpenBSD creator and maintainer, Theo de Raadt. OpenBSD is widely hailed as being the most secure OS available. The latest version, OpenBSD 3.0, is slated for an official release on December 1'st. KernelTrap writes . . .

“JA: What was the inspiration behind creating OpenBSD?”

“Theo de Raadt: After years of working on NetBSD, I was unfairly told to go play elsewhere. So I did, and built a new team of about 80 developers. Where did the inspiration come from? I have no idea. I've been writing and fixing Unix kernel and user-land code for about 15 years, and honestly do not know why, except that I really enjoy it . . .”

“JA: Is OpenBSD used within any embedded devices?”

“Theo de Raadt: I spent a few years putting effort into SCADA type applications, and after seeing how fast things cycle through in that business, I have pretty much no interest in getting involved. For our developers and our direct user community, that stuff is just useless. But OpenBSD parts are there, they are free. If these embedded components use parts of what we have written, that is very cool.”

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