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Announcing linAXE: Linux for BattleBots — and nicer robots too ;)

Feb 1, 2001 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

At a small booth at LinuxWorld, a new project just set up shop: the “linAXE Project”. There, I met a couple of guys who answered the question “When did this project get started?” with a single word: “TODAY!”

Then, they gave me a flyer which says this . . .

What is the linAXE Project?

Originally, linAXE started out as an effort to develop a Linux-based RTOS to control the popular “BattleBots” fighting robots, thus the combative name. Since then, the linAXE Project has undergone some changes and significantly broadened its scope!

The state of amateur and hobby robot development, while far from stagnant, lacks the broad based “grass roots” development that so many areas of technology enjoy… This is certainly not because of a lack of enthusiasm or interest, but more likely due to the simple unavailability of low cost resources and the fragmentation of what “low end” technology does exist. So, we decided to push the linAXE Project into that void.

Today, the linAXE Project aims to provide both professional and amateur developers with the resources for economical experimentation, development, and education. By providing these basic software tools and hardware resources, developers will be able to test various robot applications, provide “proof of concept” for larger projects, and expand not only the application of robots… but the entire robotics field itself!

The goals of the linAXE project are simple:

  • To develop a Linux-based RTOS and associated tools that are portable, easy to use, and can scale from bench top projects to larger research, commercial, or industrial applications.

  • To identify and make available the hardware and resources for small-scale robotics research, experimentation, and development.

  • Most importantly, to create an interest and inspire robotics development!
The “Open Source Community” from around the world has historically and repeatedly attacked and succeeded in many such projects… We are hoping that a few volunteers will want to join and help out with what we see as a great opportunity. By sharing not only talents, but experiences, ideas, and suggestions… we feel that the community can again surmount this task and help to provide an exciting opportunity for education, the advancement of amateur robotics, and just a lot of fun.

If you are interested in helping out, or want more information, feel free to contact us. Make sure to visit our websites, graciously hosted by SourceForge, at:

Oh, are we still thinking about building a BattleBot? Sure… Why not!!!

The linAXE Project is a not-for-profit collaboration of volunteers.

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