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ARM or x86? This tablet’s offered with either

Jun 7, 2011 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 5 views

FIC announced a pair of 10.1 tablets that share the same rugged industrial design but come with a choice of ARM or x86 processors. The Carpo-TE00R00 features a 1GHz Texas Instruments DM3730, and the Carpo-KE00R00 uses Intel's “Oak Trail” Atom, while both are said to include dual cameras, offer built-in RFID readers, and survive four-foot drops.

FIC's answer to the "ARM vs. x86" dilemma is to offer either type of processor in an almost-identical tablet. The company's Carpo-TE00R00 uses the ARM Cortex A8-based DM3730, while the Carpo-KE00R00 employs an x86 processor that wasn't named on the company's preliminary data sheet, but which is a 1.5GHz Intel Atom Z670 (with SM35 chipset), according to an Akihabara News report.

FIC says the Atom-based Carpo-KE00R00 — we'll call it "KE" for short — will run Android, MeeGo Linux, or Windows 7. The Carpo-TE00R00 ("TE"), on the other hand, runs Android 2.2, Linux, or Windows CE 6.0, according to the company.

The Carpo-KE00R00 (above) comes in gray, while the Carpo-TE00R00 comes in white
(Click to enlarge)

Resolution of the 10.1-inch resistive touchscreens isn't detailed, nor is how much memory and storage the tablets come with. What is clear is that the devices look virtually the same, both with snap-on bumpers at each corner, five function keys, and a five-way controller.

According to FIC, the KE and TE come with dual cameras — resolution not specified — plus built-in RFID readers. They also include 802.11b/g/n wireless networking, Bluetooth 2.1, and 3.5G GSM/CDMA cellular modems, the company adds.

Future add-ons for the KE and TE will include a magnetic stripe reader, a 1D/2D barcode scanner, and GPS, according to FIC. There will also be a tabletop docking station that sports four USB ports, an Ethernet port, and (in the case of the KE) both VGA and HDMI outputs, the company says. A vehicle dock will offer either tablet four USB ports, two RS232 ports, Ethernet, VGA, and a external antenna connector for a GPS receiver, adds the company.

According to FIC, the KE and TE will both measure 10.93 x 8.11 x 1.04 inches and weigh just over 2.4 pounds. It's said both devices meet the IP54 standard for dust and water sealing and can survive three-foot drops, while a sunlight-readable display will be optional.

Finally, FIC did not cite how big the primary battery will be in either the KE or the TE. However, the company says that with an optional second battery, the devices will offer "up to seven" or "up to eight" hours of operating time, respectively.

Further information

FIC did not indicate pricing for either the Carpo-TE00R00 or Carpo-KE00R00, though a product page for the former says it will be available in June (we didn't see a product page for the latter). Preliminary datasheets may be downloaded directly from the Computex website, here for the TE and here for the KE.

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