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CCTV system has Linux inside

Sep 10, 2003 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) designer BraddaHead will show-case Second Sight, its new digital CCTV system based on Linux and JPEG2000, at the upcoming ASIS 2003 and National Summit on Security shows in New Orleans and Washington DC.

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Second Sight features an Analog Devices JPEG2000 CODEC, a Linux 2.4 operating system, TCP/IP communications, SNMPv3 network management, and input/output ports including USB 2.0 and SCSI-2. BraddaHead says the system is designed to support “the most sophisticated integrated CCTV applications.”

BraddaHead says Second Sight includes a “fully featured, embedded digital multiplexed DVR/network video server” that has a familiar CCTV “look and feel,” plus CCTV features such as hidden cameras, motion detection, and front-panel telemetry control.

Commenting on the announcement, BraddaHead CEO John Humphrey said, “Digital CCTV for security is a really tough application. For evidential purposes you need high quality, preferably full-frame, images, but system design is heavily constrained by the practicalities and cost of video data storage and network bandwidth.”

Humphrey believes that the royalty-free JPEG2000 standard gives the industry a real opportunity to deliver high quality, full-frame images at the high compression ratios and low bit rates needed in digital CCTV. “Because of its rich feature set,” said Humphrey, “JPEG2000 is also much more capable of supporting advanced security and surveillance applications, such as biometrics and image recognition.”

Humphrey continued, “With Second Sight, we have tried to take JPEG2000 plus Linux, TCP/IP and SNMP, and create a purpose built embedded package which is simple, practical and low-cost – yet still advances the cause of better image quality, faster update rates and higher levels of system integration.”

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