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Convergence engine supports IP multimedia platform

Jun 28, 2006 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

Leapstone Systems has integrated its service delivery and content management software with Intel's Linux- and ATCA-based IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) framework proof-of-concept. Leapstone says the ATCA version of its “Communications Convergence Engine” (CCE) can function as a Service Capability Interaction Manager (SCIM) in “fully interoperable ecosystems.”

Leapstone says CCE helps… service providers dynamically define complex service packages and associated service interactions. The product comprises:

  • A “ServiceBroker” component said to be capable of integrating applications based on different platforms and protocols, such as SIP, Parlay, and legacy IN
  • A “ContentManager” component aimed at enabling operators to acquire and manage multimedia content

Leapstone CEO Rick Orriss stated, “Providing the integrated SCIM function within the Intel IMS architecture marks a significant milestone in Leapstone's strategy to win new business.”

Shantanu Gupta, director of Intel's MCP solutions program, stated, “Having the ability to integrate content and applications from multiple vendors and execute services across any access network is a key to IMS adoption.”

What is IMS?

The IP multimedia subsystem, or IMS, is an umbrella framework developed by the 3GPP (3G Parnership Project). It provides a modular service platform based on IP (Internet protocol) and a modified version of SIP (session initiation protocol). IMS aims to converge cellular and Internet services, enabling features like PoC (push-to-talk over cellular) in the near-term, but eventually enabling cellular voice service to be just another packet-switched protocol on an IP network largely compatible with the Internet — VoIP over cellular, if you like.

Intel partnered with Motorola about a year ago on its ATCA/Linux IMS demo, which it showed off in May of this year, at GlobalComm.

CCE availability

The ATCA version of Leapstone CCE appears to be available now for Intel's NetStructure MPCBL0040 (pictured at right), an ATCA blade powered by a dual-core low-voltage Xeon chip clocked at 2GHz. Service providers can see Leapstone's CCE in action in New Jersey, Belgium, and Beijing, at Intel's “Modular Communications Platforms (MCP) Solution Labs.”

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