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Coollogic intro’s new Linux-based set-top box

Jul 31, 2000 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 2 views

Coollogic Inc. today announced the Internet Ready 7200, a Linux-based set-top box that offers easy-to-use Internet access with advanced audio and video technologies for improved Web surfing on TVs. The device, which begins shipping immediately, is powered by the company's Coollinux operating system with Java Virtual Machine technology that enables access to and operation of Web-based applications.

The Internet Ready 7200 is designed to operate easily and automatically, in an appliance-like manner. By simply connecting the device to a TV and and phone line, the user is quickly ready to log on to the Internet. The system is intended to offer an experience comparable to web surfing on a PC, but with a wireless keyboard and appliance-like simplicity that create optimal conditions for more convenient and frequent use by consumers.

The Coollinux embedded Linux operating system makes use of small footprint programming, allowing it to operate efficiently and making it ideal for a wide variety of Internet appliance applications. Its modularity and configurability allows Coollogic to tailor systems to meet the needs of specific markets and customers.

An interesting feature of the Internet Ready 7200 is Coollogic's remote software upgrade technology, called Enhanced Appliance Network (EAN). EAN notifies users when a software update is available or recommended, via a pop-up screen that allows users to accept or defer the update. Once in process, the software update proceeds automatically and is managed in a fail-safe manner that is supposed to prevent partial or corrupt updates from crashing the system or otherwise rendering it inoperable. The remote update/upgrade feature is intended to extend the useful life of the systems and to offer value added resellers a convenient means to selectively extend the functionality of installed systems.

System specs

In addition to the Coollinux operating system with Java Virtual Machine, the Internet Ready 7200 utilizes the Netscape Navigator 4.7 Web browser and supports SSL v3 encryption for secure e-commerce transactions. Macromedia Flash Player is standard on the appliance, and other plug-in options are available as required.

The system is powered by a 180 MHz National Semiconductor MediaGX microprocessor and has 32MB of SDRAM memory (expandable to 128MB). The embedded Linux OS and control programs reside in a 16MB DiskOnChip Flash memory device. Connection to the Internet is via a choice of built-in dial-up modem, 10/100 Ethernet, or xDSL interfaces. Internal PCI and ISA expansion slots allow tailoring the system to specific requirements. Other I/O ports include: NTSC and PAL video out; SVGA out, up to 1280 x 1024 pixels; stereo audio input/output (Sound Blaster 16 compatible) with 8W audio output drive; 1 serial port; 2 USB ports; PS/2 mouse and keyboard; parallel printer port; IR detector input.

The system measures 13.8″ x 10″ x 2.1″ in size, and has an appearance similar to a typical VCR (see photo).

Target applications

The Internet Ready 7200 is being targeted to ISPs, ASPs, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators, and other value added resellers and service providers. Custom versions of the system are available to meet specific application or market requirements, and include specialized software, customized user interfaces, branded faceplates, and specialized function keys.

About Coollogic Inc.

Coollogic Inc. is a developer of embedded Linux operating systems for Internet access devices. Incorporating Java into its functionality, the Coollinux embedded software solutions offer Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) powerful and flexible operating systems and applications, enabling them to provide their customers with simple and affordable Internet access devices. Coollogic also offers Vertical Market Integrators and Service Providers turnkey packages that include software, hardware, and services. The company was founded in April 1997 in Dallas, Texas.

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