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Device Profile: D-Link DSL-G604T wired/wireless ADSL router

Nov 23, 2004 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 8 views

D-Link has released source code, under the GNU GPL license, for a MIPS-based ADSL router with a built-in four-port switch and wireless 802.11g/b radio. The DSL-G604T supports “all major ISPs,” D-Link says, and has been marketed primarily in Australia, Great Britain, and Russia.

Under G.dmt (discrete multi-tone, ITU-T standard G-992.1), the device supports speeds of 8Mbps downstream and 832Kbps upstream. Under G.lite (aka splitterless ADSL, ITU-T standard G-992.2), the device supports speeds of 1.5Mbps downstream, and 512Kbps upstream. Supported line protocols include bridged Ethernet over ATM, PPP over ATM, and PPP over Ethernet.

A firmware upgrade is also available for users of ADSL2, ADSL2+, and reach-extended ADSL2 (RE-ADSL2). The device supports TFTP or HTTP firmware upgrades.

The DSL-G604T has built-in MIBs (management information bases) and can be managed by SNMP. User management can be done through a web interface, or with a command-line interface accessible via telnet.

The DSL-G604T supports VPN protocols that include PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec pass-through. It includes a firewall capable of network address and port translation (NAPT), denial-of-service attack detection, and more. It also supports WEP (wireless encryption protocol) keys of 64-, 128-, or 256-bits.

Support for a DMZ (de-militarized zone) enables ftp, web, and other servers to listen on both public and private networks, while keeping Internet packets off the local network.

The device includes an 802.11 radio that auto-switches between 802.11g and 802.11b. Under 802.11g, it supports data rates of 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, or 54Mbps, depending on signal quality. Under 802.11b, it supports data rates of 1, 2, 5.5, or 11Mbps. Operating range is listed at 100meters, indoor, or 300 meters, outdoor. The device includes a detachable external dipole 2dbi antenna with a reverse SMA connector.

The device's embedded operating system is based on a MontaVista Linux 2.4.17 MIPS-processor kernel. Other open source software packages include uClibc, busybox, iptables, netkit/routed, net-tools, thttpd, squashfs, cramfs, utelnetd/inetd, zlib, and mtd.

GPL'd Linux software for the DSL-G604T can be downloaded in the form of diff and tar files from D-Link's UK office or its Russian office.

The source code download also applies to the D-Link DSL-300T and DSL504T, earlier versions of the product without wireless capabilities.

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