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Embeddable database gains HA features

Nov 30, 2005 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

Sleepycat Software has released a new version of its popular database, adding high-availability (HA) features, along with capabilities aimed at providing more developer control. Berkeley DB 4.4 adds in-memory replication, client-to-client replication, controls for throttling and delaying synchronization, and master election speed-ups.

Additional new features include:

  • Online Btree compaction and disk reclamation
  • Abandoned lock removal
  • Automated recovery serialization
  • A hot backup utility
  • Transactional Application Developer's Guide

Sleepycat claims Berkeley DB has been deployed in over 200 million projects, making it one of the most widely deployed open source developer databases.

Sun's senior director of database technology, William Franklin, said, “Sun Microsystems uses Berkeley DB within the Sun Java System Portal Server, Identity Manager, and Directory Server. We value [its] consistently high performance, reliability, and scalability.”

MySQL CEO Marten Mickos said, “Berkeley DB has for many years been one of the options available within MySQL's pluggable storage engine architecture. Berkeley DB is very fast, and supports ACID transactions.”


Berkeley DB 4.4 is available immediately under a dual license. A no-cost open source license permits redistribution if the application using Berkeley DB is open source. A commercial license is available for redistribution of proprietary applications. It can be downloaded here.

Sleepycat released Berkeley DB 4.3 a year ago, and also touted high-availability features in that release.

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