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Embedded Linux Quick Reference Guide (Part 3)

Dec 7, 1997 — by Rick Lehrbaum — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 43 views

Articles and whitepapers about Embedded Linux and the Embedded Linux Market

Here is a “recommended reading list” of selected articles and whitepapers that can help provide a solid background and broad perspective relative to using Linux in a broad range of embedded applications . . .

  • Using Linux in Embedded and Real-time Systems — this overview whitepaper explores the requirements of a wide range of embedded systems, from factory automation to handheld Internet appliances, and points the way to Linux based solutions.

  • Update on the Embedded Linux Market — founder Rick Lehrbaum provides a retrospective on the past two years of the Embedded Linux Market on the occasion of the second birthday of

  • The State of Embedded Linux — this slide presentation by founder Rick Lehrbaum was given at the Embedded Linux Expo & Conference (ELEC) held on June 27, 2001 in San Jose, CA. Topics discussed include . . .

    • Why use Linux in embedded applications?
    • Embedded Linux market data
    • Examples of “cool” Embedded Linux apps
    • Embedded Linux “SWOT” analysis *
    • The future of Embedded Linux

  • Embedded Linux jumps to top of developers' 2002 wishlist — Embedded Linux is currently the third most popular embedded operating system — behind Wind River's VxWorks and Microsoft's MS-DOS — and may leep-frog into the #1 position as soon as 2002, according to a report on embedded software trends published by software market analyst Evans Data Corporation.

  • Whitepaper: Linux's Future in the Embedded Market — a market study 2000 by Venture Development Corporation (VDC) shows strong steady growth for Linux in the Embedded Market.

  • Developer interest in Embedded Linux skyrockets — according to the results of a subscriber study conducted in the Fall of 2000 by Embedded Systems Programming magazine, developer interest in using Embedded Linux appears to be growing at an astronomical pace.

  • Study finds 300% growth in embedded Linux development — a survey of more than 500 embedded systems developers by Evans Data Corporation projects a three-fold increase in Linux-based projects in the next year, as part of a shift toward commercially available operating systems rather than those developed in-house.

  • What's so good about open source and Linux — in embedded? — throughout 2000, conducted a survey of developers to try to understand their motivations for using Linux in embedded systems and intelligent devices. The results were interesting and informative.

  • Embedding Linux — this introductory whitepaper about using Linux in embedded applications explains why Linux has become increasingly popular as an embedded operating system, identifies some of its strengths and weaknesses relative to such applications, and describes the process of adapting Linux to the unique requirements of embedded systems and smart devices.

  • Using GPL software in embedded applications — this article sheds some light on the issues associated with using GPL software in embedded applications, and attempts to dispel the “FUD” (“Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt”) being propagated by some competitors to Linux.

  • My Linux is smaller than your Linux — this comparison of several small-footprint implementations of Linux, while by no means exhaustive in its review of available implementations, provides a good indication of what is possible.

  • An interview with IBM's Linux Wrist Watch project leader — the project leader of the IBM Linux Wrist Watch project discusses the goals and objectives of the project — which was, basically, to see if Linux could be embedded into a device as tiny as a wrist watch. Did they succeed?

  • Exploring Linux PDA software alternatives — the introduction to an article series that explores the history, status, alternative architectures, and future developments of Linux on PDAs and handheld devices. Provides an overview of three currently available PDA Linux distributions.

  • Embedded Linux — one year later — a perspective and retrospective on the current state of embedded Linux, and its progress over the past year.

. . . and there are lots more articles and whitepapers on Embedded Linux topics here.

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