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Free PDA graphics framework and app stack updated

Mar 28, 2005 — by Henry Kingman — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

A project developing a free graphics framework and application stack for Linux-based PDAs has achieved a new stable release. Opie (Open Palmtop Integrated Environment) version 1.2 offers a new package manager, improved interface, key new applications, and support for KDE's next-generation “KitchenSync” among other synchronization protocols.

(Click for larger view of the Opie desktop)

Opie started out as a fork of Qtopia, Trolltech's Qt-based mobile palmtop environment, and the new 1.2 release retains binary compatibility with software developed for Qtopia, according to Opie spokesperson Dan Williams.

Opie underpins several Linux distributions for PDAs, including OpenZaurus and Familiar. Opie 1.2 will appear initially in OpenZaurus 3.5.3, and in Familiar 0.8.2.

Opie also offers “specific support” for the Yopy PDA and for the Siemens SIMPad webpad. However, it should run on any hardware that can run Linux, according to Williams.

The 1.2.0 release has been undergoing testing for nearly a year, and includes significant upgrades. New features include a plugin-based security framework, screen autorotation support for Sharp Zaurus C750/760/860 devices, a more consistent user interface, left-handed scrollbars, visual feedback for “tap and hold,” and more. New software includes a new package manager, email client, XML-SQLite PIM data converter, network discovery tool, camera capture software, and two new ebook readers.

A complete changelog is available from the Opie website, where the new release is available for download. The Opie site also has a screenshot gallery.

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