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GNATPRO Ada 95 For RealTime Linux

Sep 24, 1999 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 5 views

NEW YORK, NY — (Sept 24, 1999) Ada Core Technologies, a leader in GNAT and Ada 95 technology, and Zentropix, a company specializing in real-time Linux, have teamed up to offer a powerful solution for the development of Ada systems on the RealTime Linux platform. “GNATPRO for RealTime Linux” provides real-time system designers and developers with the most advanced configuration available for hard… real-time applications running on Ada within Linux. “GNATPRO For RealTime Linux” enables the migration of time-critical Ada applications from legacy, to commodity hardware platforms, by leveraging the features of the GNAT Ada compiler with the services of RealTime Linux, a full-featured, deterministic and preemptive real-time Unix environment.

The open source model of both the RealTime Linux operating system and the GNAT Ada compiler, guarantees long term product quality and maintainability. Under open source licensing, you control the software.

About Ada and RealTime Linux

Ada is the language of choice for those who need to develop object-oriented applications within the commercial and military markets, and is the only major programming language to offer high-level support for multitasking and real-time applications. Ada is considered by many to be the best language for developing large, reliable, and easy-to-maintain systems.

RealTime Linux is an extension of the standard Linux operating system. It provides a simple and streamlined real-time executive which runs the standard Linux kernel as its lowest-priority task, while allowing the insertion of user-defined, higher-priority (i.e. real-time) tasks. Thus, the standard kernel is made fully preemptible. This architecture enables real-time functions to operate in a predictable and low-latency environment, while still allowing full access to the sophisticated services
and features of standard Linux. See for more details.

About Ada Core Technologies (

Founded in 1994 by the original authors of the GNAT compiler, Ada Core Technologies is the leading provider of open software solutions for all aspects of Ada 95 software development. GNAT is the most widely used Ada 95 compiler tool chain, attracting newcomers to Ada and making Ada a more affordable solution in environments where efficient and reliable code is critical.

About Zentropix (

Born from the military simulation industry, where real-time computing is critical, Zentropix was founded in August, 1997, and has offices in the US and UK. By providing a validated and configuration managed version of RealTime Linux combined with tools, support, and custom engineering, Zentropix meets the needs of software developers and corporations, who are now developing embedded and Real-Time applications.

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