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GUI testing tool gains web app, tcl/tk support

Jun 12, 2006 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 21 views

FrogLogic is shipping a major new version of its testing tool for GUI-based applications. Squish 3.0 adds tests for HTML-based web applications, Tcl/Tk applications, and Qt/Tk applications, along with improved documentation, tutorials and features.

(Click for larger view of Squish 3.0 screenshot)

The biggest change in Squish 3.0 appears to be the release of two new versions. In addition to Squish/Qt and Squish/XView, available in previous releases, Squish 3.0 is available in:

  • Squish/Web edition — Lets users test html-based web applications against browsers that include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Apple's Safari and KDE's Konqueror. Squish/Web maps the DOM tree of an (D)HTML document to Squish's object model. This allows for inspecting the whole DOM tree of a document using Squish Spy, record and replay high-level actions on any HTML elements, and call and access the DOM API (application programming interface) from within test scripts, FrogLogic says.
  • Squish/Tk edition — Allows testing of Tcl/Tk-based applications or mixed Qt/Tk applications using froglogic's Tq technology. Similar to Squish/Qt and Squish/XView, the complete Tk widget set and its complete API are accessible from Squish Spy, and test scripts and actions can be recorded and replayed on all Tk controls, FrogLogic says.

Additional touted new features in Squish 3.0 include:

  • Improved documentation and tutorials
  • Recording and running tests on sub-processes started by the AUT
  • Attaching to an already running AUT for testing
  • Built-in hook for special application environments
  • Portable and robust drag-and-drop support
  • Improved synchronization in recorded scripts
  • Various improvements in the Squish IDE (integrated development environment)
  • Improved Qt 4 support
  • Addition script APIs for testing
  • Optional distribution as binary packages
  • New utilities to inspect wrapper libraries and convert verification points
  • Many small improvements

A complete changelog can be found here.


Squish 3.0 is available now for evaluation or purchase, priced from 150 to 2,600 Euros, depending on licensing and version.

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