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Learn embedded Linux, get a Linux laptop

Aug 22, 2007 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 6 views

Linux training and laptop specialist LinuxCertified will offer a three-day class in embedded and real-time Linux development. As with all LinuxCertified courses, participants will receive the use of a Linux laptop that they then have the option to purchase.

In addition to offering Linux training, LinuxCertified sells laptops pre-installed with Linux. It currently offers four or five models, based on laptops from Lenovo, Dell, and others.

Set for Sept. 12-14 in Sunnyvale, Calif., LinuxCertified's embedded Linux course promises to examine, “why Linux, how to embed Linux, and how to measure and obtain real-time performance,” the vendor said. Its published syllabus reads as follows:


  • What is Open Source and why do you care?
  • Linux features and characteristics
    • Protected memory
    • Processes
      • Foreground vs. background
    • Users and Groups
    • Root user
    • Graphical desktop environment — KDE
  • Filesystems
    • Root filesystem
    • Privileges
    • Links
    • "Mounting" filesystems
    • Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)
      • Special places
  • Development Environment
    • Install software
    • Configure the host
    • Configure the target
      • Flash filesystems
    • Network Filesystem (NFS)
    • Our first program
  • Eclipse
    • Creating and building C projects
    • Debugging with Eclipse

Embedded Application Programming

  • Accessing hardware from User Space
    • Data acquisition example
  • A simple simulation environment
    • Thermostat example
  • Multi-processing vs. multi-threading–Pthreads
    • Threads
    • Mutexes
    • Adding settable parameters to thermostat
  • Network programming
    • Sockets
    • Client/server paradigm
    • Networked thermostat
    • Multiple monitor threads
    • Embedded web server
  • Configuring and building the kernel
    • Booting via TFTP
    • Root filesystem over NFS
  • Busybox
  • Bootloader

Linux and Real-time

  • Why isn't Linux real-time?
    • How bad is it?
  • Possible solutions
    • Pre-emption improvement
    • Interrupt abstraction
  • Introducing RTLinux
  • Kernel modules
  • Inter-task communication
    • FIFOs
    • Shared memory
  • RTLinux in Kernel Space

LinuxCertified first began offering embedded and real-time classes in 2004. The company holds classes regularly at its Sunnyvale, Calif. facility, and also on request at customer locations.

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