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Lineo rolls out upgrade to Embedix SDK

May 29, 2002 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 2 views

Salt Lake City, UT — (press release excerpt) — Lineo today announced the release of version 2.4 of its award winning Embedix Software Development Kit (SDK). Several new tools and features have been added that allow developers to quickly create their own applications; monitor and debug target machine processes; easily integrate new software into the Embedix environment; and focus on adding value to their… applications, rather than immersing themselves in the details of Linux.

The Embedix SDK 2.4 facilitates development of royalty-free embedded Linux applications by leading developers through the key steps of the application development and deployment process, including target configuration, user application development, automated deployment, debugging, software license review, and integration of new software and patches.

The latest additions to Lineo's tool suite include . . .

  • Package Editor — The Embedix Package Editor allows developers to integrate new in-house, third-party and open source software – as well as kernel and application patches – directly into the Embedix environment. With Package Editor, developers can:
    • Automatically import and convert source files into the Embedix package format.
    • Easily encapsulate dependencies, build parameters, conflicts and help text
    • Build against the same architecture specific tools, libraries and include files as used to create the target OS, ensuring compatibility
    • Share applications across the development team to speed installation and use.
    • Quickly edit, configure and build any of the project source files directly within Package Editor
    • Automatically produce software packages for easy distribution
    • Automatically generate software patches
      In addition to Package Editor, the new Embedix SDK release provides a config2ecd utility that allows developers to bring new Linux kernels into the Embedix environment.

  • Graphical Remote Process Analyzer — GRPA is a new tool that allows remote monitoring and host graphical display of processes currently occurring on the target device (or host). It facilitates debugging by displaying a listing of the most CPU-intensive tasks on the system and providing an interactive interface for manipulating and tracing processes.

  • CodeWarrior 6.0 Pre-Configuration — Embedix SDK 2.4 includes the highly praised Metrowerks CodeWarrior 6.0 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which is pre-configured to work with the Embedix tools and libraries for each Embedix supported target processor. This feature allows developers to quickly edit, build and debug their projects without having to figure out the complexities of the Linux cross-compilation and debug environment. This release also integrates Data Display Debugger (DDD) and target specific GNU Debugger (GDB) capability into the Embedix tool suite to further reduce debugging time.
Also available within the Embedix SDK 2.4 tools suite are the same key tools that made version 2.0 so popular, including:
  • Embedix SDK Target Wizard: Provides fine-grain control and configuration of core OS elements including the kernel, device drivers, OS services, and features. Embedix SDK also incorporates GCC and GNU build and compiling tools.
  • Embedix SDK Board Support Packages: Contains all of the elements required to configure, build, deploy and debug the operating system, device drivers and applications on CPU-specific target hardware.
  • Embedix SDK Deployment Wizard: Provides a number of automated, board-specific methods by which software maybe moved from the development platform to the target.
  • Embedix GPL Compliance tool: Provides automated software license review and can effectively manage dozens of different open source license types.
“With Embedix SDK 2.4 . . . we offer unsurpassed flexibility to allow developers to bring software from the Internet or rolled in-house into the Embedix environment — whether it be binary or source applications, drivers, editors, or kernel patches (e.g., enhanced schedulers),” said David Beal, Lineo's general manager of OS and Tools.

Embedix SDK 2.4 is available now through Lineo's direct sales force or its authorized distributors. The Northern American base price for the SDK is $5200 per seat, which includes Target Wizard, Package Editor, CodeWarrior, DDD, config2ecd, and full x86 support. Optional elements include target specific BSPs, GRPA and the GPL Compliance tool. For SDK prices and availability outside North America, please contact the appropriate local sales representative. Special pricing is available for upgrades and educational, corporate and multi-user packages.

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