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Linux powers infrastructure management gateways

Aug 17, 2006 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 1 views

The out-of-band access equipment company founded by uClinux pioneer Bob Waldie is shipping a new line of infrastructure management gateways. Opengear says its Linux-powered IM4200-series management gateways can provide a single point of access to hundreds of network- and serially-attached devices.

Opengear's new IM4200 series infrastructure management gateways run embedded Linux
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The IM4200 devices are powered by a Micrel KS8695P processor with a 166MHz ARM core. They are available in three 1U models, with 16, 24, or 48 RJ-45 ports, respectively.

The IM4200 devices can be used to remotely control applications and reconfigure operating systems using in-band graphical tools such as X11, RDP, or VNC, or HTTP/S.

For out-of-band monitoring, logging, recovery, inventory, and hardware control, the devices support IPMI and SOL (Serial over LAN), along with the “lights-out” management tools that accompany BMC (baseport management controllers) and other service processors, including iLO, RSA, ALOM, DRAC, Opengear says. Out-of-band channels can also provide “full KVM (keyboard video mouse) control,” according to the company.

Communications are encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption. Each unit has 500MB of local flash memory, for storage of custom scripts and logs, alarm settings, and tftp/ftp files.

Additional touted features include:

  • Built-in modem for out-of-band dial-in or heart-beat triggered dial-out
  • Integrates with centralized enterprise management
  • Simple browser or command line management interface
  • Local or remote access to headless servers (LOM, IPMI) and network devices
  • Power management – remotely turn on, off and reboot equipment via serial, IPMI
  • Multiplatform – Linux, Windows, Cisco, BSD, UNIX, and SUN compatible
  • Optimized hardware and robust Linux software
  • Configurable open-source Linux kernel and applications
  • Automated alerts and alarm management
  • Console logs maintained and archived off-line
  • Secure, encrypted access to remote systems
  • Port access can be restricted by password, account, or IP address
  • Multiple levels of filtering and access logging
  • Unlimited users with multiple users per port
  • Up to 50 concurrent SSH sessions (SDT tunnels) can be open at the one time
  • Affordable and compact
  • Reduces MTTR and MTBF

Waldie spoke with LinuxDevices briefly about the new products, stating, “Customers like the built-in high-reliability and high-availability features, such as dual power supplies, built-in modems, and a minimum of two Ethernet ports. And, they like the granular access control list, which is allowing smaller co-location services to offer out-of-band server management features.”

“Also, we're proud to have been a finalist in the 'Best of LinuxWorld' awards, which is not easy for a hardware company to do,” added Waldie.


According to Waldie, two of the three IM4200-series models are currently available, with the third expected in September. As of publication time, the new models had not been added to Opengear's online store, however.

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