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Mobile Linux UI gains fancy visual effects

May 17, 2007 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

Mizi Research has updated its graphical user interface framework for consumer electronic devices like mobile phones. Prizm 3.0 has switched to Python as its main application programming language, and has gained modern visual effects such as “dragging, sliding, fading and accelerated smart scrolling,”… the company said.

Prizm is supplied as an SDK (software development kit) based on an Eclipse 3.0 GUI framework. It supports both Linux and Windows development hosts, and includes:

  • IDE (integrated development environment) supporting Python and C/C++ application development, and cross-compilation
  • Target application builder Eclipse plugin for “configuration, dependency checking, conflict resolution, project management, deployment support and cross compiling of WMMX, gcc”
  • Remote debugger provides breakpoint or tracepoint debugging

Compared to the previous release, Prizm 3.0 offers more multimedia and messaging features. On the multimedia side, it supports MPEG, H.263/4, RealMedia, and WMA/V, along with OEM-added plugins, Mizi said. New messaging features include push-email and an interactive window said to provide a more IM-like text messaging experience.

Another touted characteristic of Prizm 3.0 is faster development. According to Mizi, one top-tier device manufacturer recently completed development in six months with Prizm 3.0, less whereas 13 months had been required to build a phone based on Prizm 2.5.

Mizi's biggest customer is Samsung, which used Prizm 2.5 in its SCH-i819 and SGH-i858 handset models. Samsung has not yet announced a Prizm 3.0-based device, as far as we know.

Finally, Prizm 3.0 adds “fun and dynamic” GUI features that have traditionally been hard to find on mobile phones, Mizi said. These include dragging, sliding, fading and accelerated smart scrolling. The company supplied the screenshots below to illustrate these new features.

Note: click each image to enlarge





Smart scrolling accelerates list scrolling based on key presses, touchscreen tap and drag actions

Enhanced phone messaging, including push email and “interactive box” for IM-like SMS messaging

CEO Y. Seo stated, “Prizm will bring dramatic development efficiency and productivity improvements to device manufacturers, whilst providing powerful features and a sophisticated, fun and dynamic GUI to end-users. Additionally, MIZI is cooperating with various industry members such as telecom operators, OEMs, chip vendors and ISVs to form a Linux terminal software ecosystem and we expect to release the first commercial product as a result of this collaboration effort in Q4 of 2007.”

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