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Mono (open source version of .NET) project releases version 0.25

Jun 27, 2003 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

The Mono project announced yesterday that a new release of the Mono run-time and SDKm, version 0.25, is now available for download. From the release notes . . .

This is a delicious release of Mono: so many new things have been improved, implemented, fixed, and tuned from the last release that it is hard to not be excited about it.

Our contract with SourceGear has had a big impact in Mono. The team at Ximian has been working on three areas to pass the rigorous tests provided by the SourceGear team:

  • SOAP Web Services client implementation.

    This includes both the SOAP support classes as well as a complete rewrite of the XmlSerializer by Lluis.

  • Scalability

    The SourceGear Vault software and its regression test suite require a much better implementation of our HTTP client so we have rewritten it completely for scalability.

  • Robustness

    Plenty of changes for robustness and tests for stability were added. The new io-layer changes from Dick remove the handle limits that we had in the past.

With this release we are able to run their Vault command line software out of the box.

The MonoDoc tool which includes API documentation for both .NET classes, Gtk# has been updated to include the contents of the Mono tutorial (thanks to Lee and Johannes for their work on the provider).

Binaries for various platforms is available from our web site from the download section.

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