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New Kyocera phone dons Linux-powered ‘smart skins’

Oct 16, 2002 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 1 views

Kirkland, WA and Los Angeles, CA — Wildseed Ltd. (formerly GiTWIT) and Moviso LLC are collaborating to enhance Wildseed's embedded Linux based 'Smart Skins' for the new Kyocera phone, codenamed Δ2 (Delta2), and other Smart Skin capable phones that are scheduled to be introduced during 2003 in Europe and the Americas.

Wildseed is pioneering the world's first intelligent faceplates for wireless phones. Smart Skin intelligent faceplates stylize both the outside and inside of the phone for an integrated fashion and entertainment experience. Smart Skins package ringtones, video clips, music, pictures, Web links and games. The consumer appeal of a Smart Skin capable phone is its ability to morph with each new Smart Skin into a completely different experience. The Smart Skins change the exterior style of the phone and also deliver new assets to the phone such as ringtones, video clips, pictures, games and Web links, all related to the theme of the Smart Skin.

To maximize the experience, the software resident on the phone support a Dynamic User Interface (DUI). Wildseed's DUI is called Smart Screen application framework and it provides the software that makes the phone's screen and custom applications morph to match the exterior design of the changeable Smart Skin on the phone. Smart Skins deliver a new source of recurring revenue for wireless carriers, handset manufacturers, media companies and retailers. Wildseed's software is based on Linux and will be available for use in handsets supporting Qualcomm's CDMA 1XRTT, GSM GPRS and legacy TDMA. Smart Screen software is also compatible with Symbian, Microsoft Stinger, and Qualcomm's BREW.

Smart Skin intelligent faceplates containing Moviso content will be marketed to teens and young adults who purchase the new Kyocera Δ2 phone in early 2003. Smart Skins will retail for $25 to $40 and be sold through a variety of distribution channels, including traditional and carriers' retail stores. Each Smart Skin captures a fashionable or branded exterior design. The Smart Key embedded inside of each Smart Skin contains digital goods for instant use on the phone without consumers having to install or configure anything. Smart Skins will package Moviso's popular music ringtones, video clips, graphics, icons and audio recordings.

Wildseed will be demonstrating Smart Skins and Smart Screens concepts at the Mobile Entertainment Summit and in Kyocera's booth at CTIA Wireless I.T., October 16 to 18 in Las Vegas.

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