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Real-time Linux tools gain Windows hosting

Nov 7, 2006 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

FSMLabs is shipping a Windows-hosted version of its Eclipse-based development kit for real-time Linux. RTLinuxPro for Windows includes native graphical and scriptable commandline interfaces, and allows “any Windows workstation” to be used to develop Linux-based hard-real-time applications, the… company says.

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RTLinuxPro for Windows runs the company's complete development environment on Windows, from within a VMWare Player virtual machine. This approach is said to insulate the user from differences between various Windows versions. It also enables the kit to provide greater usability and stability than most other cross-platform development kits, which the company says are typically base on a “fragile stack of marginally compatible software ported from UNIX to Windows.”

RTLinuxPro Windows
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RTLinuxPro for Windows includes a “re-built, pre-configured network-mountable Linux root file system.” It also includes an optional command-line interface and text editor that support scripting.

CTO Cort Dougan stated, “RTLinuxPro for Windows features a solid graphical user interface, and unlike other Linux cross development kits for Windows, provides developers with the same tools that are tested and deployed with our Linux based development systems, leveraging years of quality assurance and support experience.”


RTLinuxPro for Windows is available now. Pricing was not disclosed.

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