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Release and review of 2-Disk Xwindow Linux System

Jul 30, 2002 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 2 views

The 2-Disk Xwindow Linux System ('2diskxwin') project has released a new version of its tiny Linux-based thin client OS. Many new features and developments have been added, including XML control system improvements and XDND support, and the size has been reduced by 12% giving an entire Linux/X system with many apps in just 2.46 megabytes! The project is hosted on Freshmeat, href=”” target=”new”>here.

2diskxwin is a small Linux-2.4 distribution which includes libc2.1, busybox, tinylogin, e3, pppd, several daemons, X, alloywm, chimera, xpaint, VNC, and rdesktop. The kernel supports UMSDOS, initrd, floppy, iso9660, PPP, and networking.

A review of 2diskxwin has been published by Floorzat . . .

“I have been following the development of this distro since it first appeared on freshmeat as I find embedded and minimal systems very interesting and I have a fairly dated 486dx33 as my home machine and so size and speed mean alot to me. I have tried many attempts at correspondence with the authors. Trying to obtain information, support, or making suggestions has mostly ended fruitless, but after making some reasonable bug reports and suggestions for enhancements and convincing the developers that i knew what I was doing they finally offered me something i couldn't refuse. Full access to the current CVS tree and some of the developer docs, but to get this I had to write them a nice glowing review . . .”

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