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Security company prescribes Linux for sick Windows PCs

Nov 1, 2006 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

PC Tools will add a Linux-based boot image to its security auditing software for Windows PCs. The company says that when run under Linux, Spyware Doctor can detect and remove “persistent spyware such as rootkits and keyloggers that launch and hide themselves in the OS when Windows is booted.”

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PC Tools calls its Linux boot image “alternative operating system software” (AOSS), and says it has a patent pending on the technology. It characterizes booting into Linux as “putting PCs under anaesthesia” to remove stubborn spyware.

The current, non-Linux version of Spyware Doctor
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Michael Greene, VP of product strategy, stated, “We have created a novel solution to the spyware problem. We can boot the system with an entirely different operating system, and ferret out spyware problems. By putting the PC to sleep, we are turning off the life support for embedded spyware, and getting a clear shot at removing it.”


PC Tools says AOSS will be integrated with a future release of Spyware Doctor, but is currently available “as a one time free scan, or gratis to current licensed Spyware Doctor users.” However, the company's website currently has no mention of AOSS.

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