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Startup releases data management software for devices

Sep 25, 2001 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

Issaquah, WA — (press release excerpt) — McObject LLC today announced the release of eXtremeDB, its data management engine for intelligent, connected devices. Designed from scratch for high performance in resource-constrained environments, eXtremeDB targets a growing class of smart high-tech gear, including… set-top boxes, communications equipment, industrial automation, and consumer electronics.

Increasingly, such devices offer sophisticated features that require fast data storage, retrieval and manipulation. Until now, developers met this need with self-developed data management code or with stripped down, business-oriented databases. Neither approach provided sufficient stability, efficiency and scalability. eXtremeDB offers an improved solution based on McObject's founders' years of experience in real-time data management and related fields.

Intelligent devices generally run on slower processors. Available memory is squeezed by the need to minimize costs. eXtremeDB spares resources while delivering critical features, including coordination between multiple threads, fast and flexible navigation, and assured data integrity through ACID-compliant transactions.

In contrast to business systems, devices typically require many very small, fast database operations. eXtremeDB accelerates processing by storing data entirely in main memory, eliminating disk access overhead as well as the extra software layers typically used to copy data from main memory to cache, and to the application location. In addition, eXtremeDB stores data in the form native to the host language, cutting translation overhead.

For optimal efficiency, device developers will tightly integrate data management and application software, via sophisticated programming environments — namely C, C++ and Java. eXtremeDB provides a standard library of functions for common database operations, as well as a highly intuitive, project-specific interface generated when the database is compiled. eXtremeDB supports virtually all data types, and provides multiple query methods, including exact match searches, b-tree indexes, and object-identifier references. A powerful debugging environment further promotes developer productivity.

eXtremeDB source code is highly portable and can be licensed for any hardware, operating system and development environment. eXtremeDB has been validated on Linux, Windows, VxWorks, and several other OSes as well as on multiple processors.

An evaluation copy of eXtremeDB 1.2 is available at

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