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The Embedded Linux Overview Quick Reference Guide

Aug 2, 2001 — by Rick Lehrbaum — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 205 views

Welcome to's Embedded Linux Quick Reference Guide!

Although the term “Embedded Linux” is only a couple of years old, Embedded Linux has already established itself as one of the most important technologies to enter the embedded computing market. Well established embedded software players have had to reposition their products — and even, in some cases, their entire corporate… strategies — in order to adjust to the disruptive influence that has accompanied the onslaught of Embedded Linux.

In recognition of the rapid emergence and extremely fast evolution of Embedded Linux, has created this “quick reference guide” to assist companies and developers in efficiently getting up to speed on this important topic, and to help those already using Embedded Linux keep up with the latest developments from both a technology and market perspective.

This quick reference guide is organized in four parts . . .

  • Part 1: Introduction and Overview to this Guide — you are reading it now.

  • Part 2: Using Linux in Embedded Systems and Smart Devices — in this introductory article on the why's and wherefore's of Embedded Linux, founder Rick Lehrbaum presents a compelling case for why Linux is ideally suited for embedded applications, and outlines what options are available.

  • Part 3: Articles and whitepapers about Embedded Linux — here, we provide a “recommended reading list” of selected articles and whitepapers that can help provide a solid background and perspective relative to using Linux in embedded applications.

  • Part 4: Quick Reference Guides on Specific Embedded Linux Topics — since there are so many areas of interest relative to developing systems and devices based on Embedded Linux, has created an entire series of quick reference guides covering a variety of topics, including Real-time Enhancements and Extensions, GUI and Windowing Software, Java Technologies, System-on-chip Processors, Single-board Computers, Cool Devices based on Embedded Linux, and Linux-PDAs and PDA-Linux. These guides provide continually updated information about Embedded Linux software, hardware, tools, suppliers, resources, and applications. Use them as launching-pads whenever you set out on a quest for Embedded Linux information and solutions.

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