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uClinux powers “net-ready” signal processing module

Feb 28, 2001 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 4 views

Davie, FL — (press release excerpt) — Maple Signal Processing announced the DAQStick line of embedded signal processing cards. The first model, DAQ6854 is a compact, low power board based on the Motorola DragonBallVZ microcontroller and high speed Texas Instruments TMS320C541xx Digital Signal Processor. The DAQStick line runs the freely available uClinux on the DragonBallVZ allowing for cross development on any Linux platform. The C5416 is supported by TI's Code Composer line of development and debugging tools.

Maple Signal Processing designed the DAQStick to be adaptable to a wide variety of OEM and user applications. The DAQStick is “Net” ready providing for the design of systems that are easily field upgradable due to its support for http, telnet, ftp, and nfs. Applications for the DAQStick include: Real Time Control, Data Logging, Acoustic Processing, Remote Telemetry, and a host of others.

Specifications . . .
  • 33 Mhz Motorola 68VZ328 DragonBall Host uController with
    • 8 Meg RAM (16M, 32M optional)
    • 4 Meg FLASH (8M optional)
    • 2 RS232/RS422 Serial Ports
    • 2 SPI ports
  • Battery backed up Real Time Clock
  • Optional Precision Timer (10 us Resolution) synced to GPS input
  • Flash File System
  • HTTP server
  • 10 Base-T Ethernet
  • 100/160 MIP TMS320C5409/5416 Digital Signal Processor
    • 128K/256K bytes (64K/128K Words) RAM
    • 2 Channels 1M Sample/sec 12 bit DAC
    • 4 Channels 200K Simultaneous Sampling 12 bit ADC
    • Variable ADC/DAC Gain
    • Quad Channel Programmable PLL for fine resolution ADC/DAC clocking
    • JTAG interface for TI/Spectrum XDS-510 debugger
    • 5 BiDirectional DIO lines available for user applications
  • Expansion
    • External Bus & MCBSP Connections for daughter cards
    • Optional CF daughtercard for IBM Microdrive (Q3 2001)
  • Low Power
    • Single 3.3V supply
    • 500 mW active, 50 mW standby (preliminary)
    • Dragonball VZ and C54xx can wake each other from idle
  • Compact Size: only 2.25″ x 6″

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