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Archive for June, 1997

Honey, I shrunk the Linux system! (Part 3)

June 28, 1997


Intrinsyc has put together a very nice package with their Linux distribution for the CerfCube. With the exception of the chaotic and currently hard-to-reverse installation process, the package is well designed, with helpful scripts and good documentation allowing you to focus on your application rather than the environment. (more…)

Honey, I shrunk the Linux system! (Part 2)

June 28, 1997

Developing with the CerfCube

It's important to realize that the CerfCube is not meant to be an end product, as shipped. Rather, it's intended to serve as a conveient (and cute) platform to make it easy for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to evaluate Intrinsyc's CerfBoard SBC, develop products based on it. (more…)

ELEC: Graphical Windowing systems for Embedded Linux

June 22, 1997

Talk abstract: The rapidly changing embedded systems market provides new opportunities, as well as challenges in new graphical systems implementations. This talk focuses on the design and architecture of the Microwindows Project, an Open Source graphical windowing environment for embedded Linux systems. (more…)

ELEC: Real Time Linux for Embedded Systems in the Internet Era

June 22, 1997

Talk abstract: Today's embedded and real-time systems are doubly challenged: they must satisfy traditional real-time and size constraints; but they also must provide sophisticated capabilities like networking, graphical user interfaces, and high density mass storage. RTLinux provides a novel approach to reconciling these seemingly contradictory demands. (more…)

ELEC: Right-sizing Linux for Embedded Devices

June 22, 1997

Talk abstract: Linux is establishing a strong presence in the embedded market. In this presentation, Tim will explain how to selectively reduce the size of Linux to fit within embedded devices. Topics covered include: reconfiguring the kernel and libc for reduced binary sizes; stripping the C library of unnecessary functionality; eliminating unnecessary files from open source packages; finding and… (more…)

ELEC: Linux — The Embedded Cinderella

June 22, 1997

Talk abstract: Embedded software is often the “stepchild” of conventional information technology. The many constraints of embedded systems frequently prevent them from sharing the wealth of mainstream computing technologies, forcing them to make do with hand- me-downs. Can Linux, the step-child of corporate IT, squeeze into the tight footprints (and other constraints) of embedded designs? In this… (more…)

ELEC: Building BuzzBox, a Linux-based Internet Appliance Radio

June 22, 1997

Talk abstract: This presentation describes an HP project to build a Linux-based Internet Appliance Radio with the look and feel of a traditional FM receiver. The system contains a single-board computer and 70 MB Flash disk, and runs standard Linux that was stripped down to achieve the required footprint. (more…)

ELEC: High Availability on Embedded Linux

June 22, 1997

Talk abstract: High Availability (HA) doesn't only apply to FIVE-9s system with redundant hardware and automatic fail-over. “Availability” is simply readiness for use — a requirement of all embedded systems. Although redundant hardware is needed to tolerate permanent hardware faults, it isn't needed for overcoming transient hardware faults or software faults. (more…)

ELEC: Embedded Linux and Other Revolutionary Combinations

June 22, 1997

Talk abstract: Some of the most innovative and revolutionary results occur when methods from one field of endeavor are combined with methods from another: networked file systems, digital signal processing, and graphical user interfaces combined with internet-enabled hypertext are but three of many examples. (more…)

Hacking Ellison’s NIC (Part 5)

June 8, 1997

The verdict?

I'd have to say that the hardware choices made in designing the NIC have resulted in a product that is almost a good one. This is especially true of the decision to use the CD-ROM drive to hold the system disk. This is almost a good idea. It results in a very low maintenance system that requires no expertise to administer — a user updates the system by popping… (more…)

Hacking Ellison’s NIC (Part 4)

June 8, 1997

Poking around inside the NIC

Further investigation revealed some interesting NIC design decisions. (more…)

Hacking Ellison’s NIC (Part 3)

June 8, 1997

Hacking the NIC — first attempt

As mentioned, piercing through the NIC's user interface to get to its Linux core is difficult, using the supplied software. In any case, doing so would not be particularly productive given the presence of a read-only filesystem on the NIC's CD-ROM system disk. (more…)

Hacking Ellison’s NIC (Part 2)

June 8, 1997

Making the NIC do stuff

The provided application software mainly consists of a customized version of Netscape, which essentially comprises the NIC's user interface. Customized toolbar buttons provide access to a few internal games and configuration screens (see photo). (more…)

Carrier Grade Debian registration form — simplified

June 5, 1997

Foreword: This document is a simplified version of the CGL 2.0 registration form submitted to the OSDL by Progeny on behalf of HP. It aims to help LinuxDevices readers understand the current state of carrier-grade Debian. (more…)