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Archive for March, 2000

Red Hat chairman Bob Young: Why Linux won’t fork

March 31, 2000

Although the topic forking has recently received more than its fair share of coverage, Red Hat chairman Bob Young throws some interesting fuel into the fire. This article discussing Young's views on the issue appears at, a Red Hat sponsored news site . . . (more…)

Open source PLC project launches

March 31, 2000

A new open source programmable logic controller (PLC) project, the Puffin Project, has been started by a group of developers led by Curt Wuollet. The group, which formulated their initial plans on a controls community website,, is now hosted by that company on a separate site, (more…)

Whitepaper: Linux and Windows square off over devices

March 31, 2000

“There's no question that Windows is king of the Desktop Market and won't lose that status in the immediate future. On the other hand, Linux is well on its way to a dominant position in the Server Market, as evidenced by its doubling of market share during each of the past two years.” (more…)

The Register: Acer subsidiary to offer embedded Linux?

March 30, 2000

Tony Smith, of The Register, reports a story from Taiwan's Commercial Times about a new embedded Linux initiative from Animeta Systems, a division of Taiwan's Acer Group . . . (more…)

Linux and Windows square off over devices

March 29, 2000

There's no question that Windows is king of the Desktop Market and won't lose that status in the immediate future. On the other hand, Linux is well on its way to a dominant position in the Server Market, as evidenced by its doubling of market share during each of the past two years. (more…)

IBM Stops Production of Windows CE Device

March 29, 2000

David Haskin, Managing editor of, writes . . .

IBM has “quietly stopped producing its z50 keyboard-based device, a spokesman confirmed. The so-called Jupiter-class device, which was released last May, was similar to, but somewhat smaller than, a small laptop computer and cost less than $1,000. (more…)

TeamLinux Corp. launches open source services

March 29, 2000

TeamLinux Corporation (TLC), the newest entrant in the exploding open source and Linux arena, officially announced its launch today. The company is a professional services organization that provides customers completely integrated solutions enabled by open source / Linux technology. (more…)

Crash-safe filesystem for diskless embedded devices

March 29, 2000

Axis Communications (in Sweden) has announced the Journaling Flash File System (“JFFS”), aimed at providing a crash/powerdown-safe filesystem for diskless embedded devices. JFFS is released under the GPL. The current version works with the Linux 2.0 kernel and supports industry standard memory mapped NOR Flash memory devices. (more…)

Lineo names Engineering and Services execs

March 28, 2000

LINDON, UTAH — (company press release) — Lineo, Inc., a leading developer of embedded Linux system software, today announced three new executives. Kim D. Clark, most recently from Novell, was named Vice President of Engineering. Allan Smart, was promoted within Lineo to Vice President of the new Professional Services division. (more…)

ISDCorp announces Royal Linux support for MIPS

March 28, 2000

SAN JOSE, Calif. — (press release) — Integrated Software & Devices Corporation (ISDCorp), a leader in embedded Linux, today announced that ISDCorp has joined the MIPS Alliance Program. The agreement calls for ISDCorp to provide Royal Linux to MIPS32 and other MIPS architecture processors. (more…)

Intel invests in LynuxWorks to boost Intel IX architecture

March 27, 2000

Santa Clara and San Jose, CA — (company press release) — Intel Corporation today announced a minority equity investment in LynuxWorks Inc. (formerly Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc.), a leading developer of embedded real-time operating systems for a host of applications targeting telecommunications, consumer appliances and networking equipment manufacturers. (more…)

Red Hat releases eCos 1.3 open-source embedded OS

March 27, 2000

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. — (company press release) — Red Hat today announced eCos 1.3, the latest version of Red Hat's open-source, configurable, application-specific operating system for embedded systems. It provides manufacturers of post-PC era devices with the flexibility and expertise to bring intelligent networking applications to next-generation Internet and embedded devices such as Internet… (more…)

The Birth of the Embedded Linux Consortium

March 26, 2000

Last Fall, several companies in the newly emerging Embedded Linux market approached me to request that I help create a vendor-neutral Embedded Linux trade association. Initially, I used the resources of my newly established Embedded Linux Portal website ( to propose the establishment of a group called the “Embedded Linux Consortium”, or “ELC”. (more…)

[email protected] Reseller: five reasons forking won’t hurt Linux

March 25, 2000

Lately, a growing number of editors and analysts have decided to worry themselves (and everyone else) about the dangers and risks to Linux from “forking” (i.e., development of differing and potentially incompatible variations of a piece of software). An excellent editorial by Steven J. (more…)

KURT: The KU Real-Time Linux

March 24, 2000


KURT (KU Real-Time Linux) is a real-time modification to the Linux operating system that allows scheduling of real-time events at the resolution of 10's of microseconds. Rather than relying on priority based scheduling or strictly periodic schedules, KURT schedules are explicitly specified by the application programmer. (more…)