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Archive for April, 2000

On24: Impact of a Microsoft breakup on Embedded Linux?

April 29, 2000

Bob Nixon, of On24's TalkOnStocks, interviewed founder Rick Lehrbaum immediately following the announcement by the Justice Department of their decision to ask for a breakup of Microsoft . . . (more…)

Underneath the desktop

April 28, 2000

Charles Babcock of [email protected] Week points out that, despite the impending breakup of Microsoft, the major near term opportunities for Linux are likely to come from under — not on — the desktop . . . (more…)

Euro startup unveils credit-card sized Linux system

April 28, 2000

Martigny, SWITZERLAND — Swiss startup Smartdata today unveiled a credit-card sized embedded Linux computer called µ-computer Chipslice. The tiny device, which runs uClinux, is intended to be used in a wide range of mobile, portable, and wearable computing applications. (more…)

Startup unveils new real-time Linux solution

April 28, 2000

OnCore Systems Corporation, a software startup located in Half Moon Bay, CA, today announced its entry into the real-time embedded Linux market. The company's product is called Linux for Real-Time. (more…)

UpsideToday: ZDNet’s move into embedded Linux

April 27, 2000

Sam Williams, writing at UpsideToday, sees ZDNet's acquisition of as another strong indication of the growing presence of Linux as an embedded operating system in tomorrow's non-PC equipment and devices . . . (more…)

How to create a Linux firewall on a 486

April 26, 2000

In this interesting and exceptionally thorough “how-to” article, ZDNet editors Eric House and Henry Kingman guide you through the process of creating a Linux firewall using a 486 based PC. House and Kingman cover everything you need to know and do — from where to download the software (Linux Router Project), to how to configure and maintain the resulting system. (more…)

MontaVista Software adds regional design centers

April 26, 2000

Sunnyvale, CA — (press release) — MontaVista Software Inc., developer of the Hard Hat Linux operating system for embedded applications today announced opening of design centers in Arizona and New Hampshire. The two design centers bring together focused teams of engineers to enhance and expand the MontaVista Hard Hat Linux offering. (more…)

Intel and Bluepoint set up Linux tech support in China

April 26, 2000

Los Angeles, CA — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Bluepoint Linux Software Corp. announced today that the company will join forces with Intel to establish a Linux Technical Support Center in China. (more…)

Phil Wilshire, Dan Eastham join Zentropix

April 25, 2000

Herndon, VA — (press release) — Zentropix today named Phil Wilshire as Chief Technologist – Applications Engineering and Dan Eastham as Chief Technologist – Development Engineering. Zentropix, recently acquired by Lineo, Inc., develops Zentropix RealTime Linux. (more…)

Red Hat ships Embedded Linux developer tool kit

April 25, 2000

Research Triangle Park, NC — Red Hat, Inc. announced that it has begun shipping its new developer tools and services for the embedded Linux market. Red Hat says the Embedded DevKit (EDK) is intended to satisfy the demand for open source software and tools in the growing embedded space, which includes Internet appliances and handhelds. (more…) announces improved search engine

April 25, 2000

As the site has expanded (to over 10,000 individually entered entries) searches have slowed. One request has dominated our mailbag: “Can you make the searches faster?” (more…)

NetworkWorldFusion: Getting embedded with a penguin

April 25, 2000

Phil Hochmuth, a writer and researcher for NetworkWorldFusion, has published a short but interesting perspective on the growing use of Linux within a wide range of embedded devices . . . (more…)

QNX opens Linux-compatible platform to developers

April 24, 2000

Ottawa, CANADA — (press release) — QNX Software Systems has announced it will offer its new QNX realtime platform free for non-commercial use as part of a comprehensive strategy to establish QNX as a premier platform for the exploding embedded market — which includes everything from handheld web appliances to mission-critical Internet routers. (more…) VMELinux Gets Embed

April 24, 2000

Greta Durr has written an interesting and informative article about the VMELinux Project — whose goal is “to make Linux a sensible alternative for embedded VMEbus applications” — and about the project's founder, electrical engineer John Huggins. Greta writes . . . (more…)

Network intrusion detection platform released for Linux

April 24, 2000

Salem, VA — (press release) — MimeStar, Inc., in Conjunction with MicroNetics, Inc. announced today that its network intrusion detection & monitoring platform known as SecureNet PRO is now commercially available for the Linux operating system. (more…)