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Archive for July, 2000

New Zealand’s “1st Internet Appliance company” embeds Linux

July 27, 2000

Kiwi-Classifieds (New Zealand) has announced the launch of its first family of Internet Appliance solutions — the “eKa – Plug 2 Surf”. The product family consists of a set-top box manufactured in Taiwan (see picture), combined with Lineo's Embedix Linux operating system and Embedix Browser. (more…)

Partnership to develop networking and storage solutions

July 26, 2000

Los Gatos, CA — (press release) — XStream Logic, an innovator in the development of next-generation network processors, today announced that it has signed a development partnership agreement with MontaVista Software, supplier of Hard Hat Linux for embedded applications, to provide an optimized Linux implementation and Linux development tool support for XStream Logic's network processor family. (more…)

Intel’s dream: A penguin in every home?

July 26, 2000

ZDNet's John Spooner takes a look at some of Intel's plans to conquer the home entertainment network. From an integrated DVD/TV/Web set-top box, to appliances for video-conferencing, Intel sees the home as a ripe market. (more…)

Axis releases Internet / Wireless Appliance development platform

July 26, 2000

Lund, Sweden — (press release) — Axis Communications, a leader in network connectivity and mobile Internet solutions, announced today the release of the Axis Developer Board. The new offering gives developers of networked embedded systems a powerful, flexible and economical platform for rapid prototyping, development and deployment. (more…)

The FUD-Defying Embedded Penguin

July 25, 2000

Michael Hall, of AllLinuxDevices, submitted this excerpt from his creative story about recent Embedded Linux news and events . . . (more…)

Have a Penguin answer your calls

July 25, 2000

If you don't have an answering machine, or if the inner geek within you is pining for more attention, then this quick and easy guide may be for you. With just vgetty (distributed with mgetty, a program commonly found in default installations), a voice modem, and phone-line, you can turn your computer into a simple answering machine appliance. (more…)

Korea Electronic Times: visit to . . . PalmPalm Technology

July 24, 2000

Korean embedded Linux technology provider PalmPalm Technology was profiled in a recent article that appeared in The Electronic Times, Seoul, Korea. The translated text of the article appears below, courtesy of PalmPalm Technology. (more…)

High availability Ethernet cards support embedded Linux

July 24, 2000

San Jose, CA — (press release) — LynuxWorks, Inc., formerly Lynx Real-Time Systems, today announced that ZNYX Networks is porting its drivers with embedded RAINlink High Availability software for its NetBlaster series of adapters to BlueCat Linux, LynuxWorks' version of embedded Linux, which offers strong support for high availability, high reliability embedded applications. (more…)

Device Driver Toolkit allows Cross-Platform Development

July 23, 2000

Netanya, Israel — (press release) — Jungo announces the up coming release of version 5.0 of its successful driver development tools — WinDriver and KernelDriver. Version 5.0 provides WinDriver's graphical Wizard for Linux and new graphical tools for KernelDriver which automates the kernel mode driver code generation. (more…)

Looking at Microwindows: Under the Hood of the Freepad

July 21, 2000

Michael Hall, of AllLinuxDevices, submitted this excerpt from his feature article about the new Linux-based Freepad and its Microwindows innards . . . (more…)

Kaffe combo embedded/desktop JVM to be GPL’d

July 21, 2000

Ottawa, ONTARIO — (press release) — At the 2000 Ottawa Linux Symposium here, Transvirtual Technologies, Inc., developers of the award-winning Kaffe cross-platform development environment, today announced consolidation of its Kaffe implementations for desktop and embedded systems. In addition, Transvirtual announced plans to deliver the single Kaffe implementation as Open Source code under the GNU… (more…)

IBM announces massive Linux investment in Europe

July 21, 2000

Editor: Today, IBM announced in Europe a series of major Linux initiatives that will help customers and ISV's transition their applications to Linux. IBM will invest more than $200 million to create Linux development centers across Europe, develop alliances with Linux-focused business partners, and deploy about 600 specialized Linux consultants, hardware and software specialists, and services… (more…)

Article: Guest column: Kevin Dankwardt on “What is Linux?”

July 20, 2000

This guest column by Kevin Dankwardt originated as a talkback to the article entitled “What is Linux?” (more…)

RTAI 24.1.0 adds PPC and Linux kernel 2.4 real-time support

July 20, 2000

Lindon, UT — (press release) — The Real Time Application Interface (RTAI) development team led by Paolo Mantegazza of Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale Politecnico di Milano (DIAPM) has announced the beta release of RTAI version 24.1.0. The most notable items of this new version are its support for the PowerPC (PPC) architecture and for the Linux 2.4 kernel. (more…)

Red Hat GPLs Source-Navigator IDE

July 20, 2000

Sunnyvale, CA — (press release) — Red Hat, Inc., announced today the release of source code for Source-Navigator, the leading Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for UNIX and Windows. Source-Navigator, along with Insight, the graphical debugger based on gdb, and gcc, the Open Source compiler, forms a fully functional graphical integrated development environment that is used by developers to edit… (more…)